Smoke on the water

Thundering down an autobahnlike city-highway in a friend’s 18 year old Passat with Deep Purple in full cry, made me feel real good. It was a busy day, other friends painted my new appartement, tomorrow will see me carrying a lot of banana-boxes, empty and refill them – but it gets a shape, a figure, things start to “plop” at their places. And the small escape at the end of the day was the reward.
ACDC does it too …
The new “Catch of the week” is “Nobody here”. It is cool, peculiar, well made. And comes in Japanese too, what probably Proxima will enjoy, who currently offers a word-game.


7 thoughts on “Smoke on the water

  1. Very cool! Love the catch of the day indeed! Ac/DC, yeah, I love the song “Shook me all night long”, good ode to American women.We have a bad international reputation for being sluts, which I think is unfair. We just get a lot of songs written about us and I guess the other girls jealous. 🙂The new apt. sounds much nicer!-P

  2. Amanda: Good that you are back from your journey well. Yes it is going well, on Saturday I will have a small lorry, kind of bus – I do not know the right expression for this little transporters – for a couch, a big wardrobe and of course more banana-boxes. But i put already some meters of books aside, because I do not need them anymore. Proxima: You won’t tempt me to say anything about american women. Austere: I learned by other comments on your site that you have been to Hyderabad – good that you are back again. Your comment on Proxima’s wording game made me laugh! Did you notice that few wrote the words like in a sentence? The walls are mostly white, some are in a warm yellow. I have two rooms and a balcony. Before the end of the week I have to get rid of some unnecessary things.

  3. Proxima: Yeah, good ol’ noise. Best with Bon Scott still shoutin’. You know “Guess Who””? It’s from the “cousins” as you call them. Why btw?Amanda: Some books. It is easy as long as the the board in the bookshelf is not longer than 1 meter max. That is what you can put in a banana box – and still lift. Should be around 20 kg. These boxes are ideal. Hope you do not have to move in the coming time.

  4. Yes, Mago, Hyd for a day and then Baroda for two days and then a day long meeing in town yesterday.. quite a bit of to and fro.Warm yellow walls sound superb.What does the kitchen window open out on? Meters of books! The comment about moving the first time because you want to, has given me food for thought.

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