Moving 2

Halfway. Emptied the corridor and the living room from this pest. Now they hyde in the study, deceitful bastards they are. Looking nice and neat in their cloth, dusty most, brownish or clean white untouched – even strangers I find: NO MERCY! I’ll get them all. They do nasty things in the night and breed … I have to put an end to this!

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9 thoughts on “Moving 2

  1. Dwarfs maybe …Proxima – what does this sign mean: :&>Books? Where? Do ya know what an “Atos” is? It is a korean small vehicle, transport for let’s say 2 adults and a dog or: one mago and six banana-boxes. I do not leave this house without a bananabox anymore … I love them. I clean them. I use them – as I wrote in my profile: Reading is my goddam job – and I love my tools. But books tent to generate other books – I admit, that I myself … (blushing) did it … couldn’t keep the ink …But why have them to be so heavy?

  2. I was trying to put a mustache on my smiley face, but now that I look at it again, it looks like I’ve drawn “man parts” in wrong place.I’ve probably seen an Atos and just never knew the name. I have to get most of my Japanses books in English from Germany.You would like Akutagawa Ryunosuke.His stories are what Akira Kurisawa was trying to bring to the screen. I recommend “Kappa” and “The Essential Akutagawa”, They must be translated in German and they are also small, and quick to read.-P

  3. Bearded smilies? That are the after-shocks from PipeTabacco …What about the japanese books? Do you mean that there are no publishers in America for japanese literature? There should be a rich market – or do they not publish the kind of books you like?Thank you for the tip with Akutagawa. I really do not speak or understand Japanese. (I did not trick on your word-game, but like the outcome veryvery well – especiall the austere kitten!)What else do you like to read? I saw your music-post – and have to admit that I do not know any of these groups. I listen to a classical radio-station most of the night (not at daytime) and when driving sometimes R.Gallagher (naa, can’t believe that you would like that), J.J.Cale or english lute. Very much like ragas, but I have to concentrate on this music. Especially morning-ragas I find very satisfiying.So I ask about reading and talk about music …

  4. I knew you meant “books” before I even read the comments. I had the same problem when we moved to this house 1.5 years ago. Which is why I’m so fearful of ever moving again. They’ve multiplied even more in the meantime…I like J.J. Cale too.

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