Here we go again. I tried to phograph out of my new kitchenwindow, but the results were thus disappointing, that I did not want them to be seen by anybody! Maybe in the evening, when the sun sets on the other site of the house. It is amazing to see how old habits survive in new surroundings. For example I ritually put on my watch, ring, wallet, handkerchief or put them in diverse pockets – but where to put them in the evening in the new room? I remember watching my father doing his preparations for the day in a similar way and I thought that I would never do such a ridiciulous thing! But rituals structure the flow of live that otherways would be without form. The weekend saw me transcribing letters from the 19th century Germans in America wrote to each others. The “originals” I had were grey photocopies, but amazingly it worked. I can not always be such a good original as the 16th century billing I worked on before. Here you see a cutting from it.

Mr. Telekom did fix my telephonline, not my private net-connection … Ah yes.

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  1. Hello Amanda: Tremendous cool: No heating in the winter and waiting for customers in summertime! Everybody needs a historian/Volkskundler – but they don’t know it!

  2. Hello austere:For reasons I do not understand I can not comment on your site from this computer in my bureau – it works from my private one, but Mr Telekom …It reads: “Deser vouch (I do not know what this means) acht golden guld[en] bekenne von / lodewich emfangn to hebn VIa Augustij …”He says, that Ludwig gave him 8 golden florin back on the 6th of August.In the upper part of the paper he notes that he gave the amount to a man called Ludwig for a specified reason and he notes the way the paying was made. In this later lines he notes that he got it back and he signs and dates it.It is a businessman from the 15th or 16th century (I prefer the idea of the 15th) and he keeps his records clean – and for some unknown reasons this paper survived more than 500 years – and an other businessman today hopes to make some money with it.Hello Amanda: I sorted out some books, but amazingly it was not that much – the most I got rid of was materials I collected in the hope of writing about it, what I never did and never will do – and look I emptied some meters of bookshelves!The books I gave away were things like 2 volumes of a 10 volume-edition, or a single Lexicon-volume with the other 9 missing and such things – or very strange “grey” “theological” items I once collected to write about.I gave it to a friend who regularily goes on flea-markets – and I will get some bottles of wine.What kind of books you sell? New, used, rare, specialized – i am curious!

  3. How fascinating about the Urkunde! My interest in your books was purely personal. I always keep an eye open for interesting history books, <>in<> and <>about<> medieval to victorian times. Like the book I’m reading now from Günter Ogger: <>Kauf dir einen Kaiser<> (Die Geschichte der Fugger)As a bookseller I specialize at a particular brand of book, which has nothing to do with my interest.

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