30 years ago I was a pupil. Terrorists killed a lot of people, later in the year some terrorist killed themselves in Stammheim. Among them Ulrike Meinhof, who was a integre person.

With these murders my own political consciousness began, you had to be interested in politics from this point on: Politics was no more a strange and far-away “thing” – it was and is here, now and the State is something you feel.

What I remember most is the agony in the harvest. In fall, with all these people dead, it was like something absolutly new, unknown, groundless … “Die bleierne Zeit”, “time of lead”, but that came later.
At school we were discussing what it all was about. As a result I started to read the anarchists, others turned to Marx and his denominations. Later, as a student, I met some people my age or a little older, that were prohibited to work in their professions, because they were members of so-called “staatsgefährdende” parties.

From this time on I was interested in the State. I saw the formation of the green movement and how it fell prey to some politicos – oh yes, they became gouvernmental party. And there are still some people with a green jacket, that have functions – and there is a real big part of fat, foul and stinking bastards that jumped the waggon and “made it”. They eat their pensions in Tuscany … I hope they rot away; it is a history of betrayal …
But before this all could happen some american soldiers had to die in an accident (on the Waldheide) near Heilbronn, the suebian “city” I had to live in in these days.

What makes me write this: 30 years ago a murderous fight started in this country and it affected the society I was born into and I grew up in, deeply. It affected a lot of people my age, my generation.
I use no TV (jaja P.), but I had to learn via web, that the son of one of the killed and one of the terrorists sat in a “talk-show” some evenings ago – they obviously “talked” right to the walls and not to each others …

I do not know, whether you can imagine, how obscene this is to me. A TV-talk – that is what comes out of all the murder, the rebellion, the reaction …

What happened?

Beer-culture. Prost.

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  1. It’s not just USA. German society is extremely repressed in its own way too. Only the illusion of liberty is now allowed… as long as the Kampfgeist is kept at Stammtischniveau.

  2. I know I keep goiong back to this.Human nature is darwinian. organisations have agendas, or these evolve as the organisation grows and recognises the power it has. Gandhiji had realised this, and he wanted the Congress to be disbanded once we got independence.History proved otherwise.

  3. First of all, you honestly don’t want to know where I was 30 years ago. :)Second, I’ve met a lot of people that think if they move to another country things will be better, but then, some of them who have do it, so realize that every country has it’s problems, scandelous history, etc.There is not a civilization of people living or dead that do not have blood on their hands for some crime against humanity. Even ignorance is not an excuse.Did you know that white setters knowingly traded diseased blankets with the Native Americans as a form of Genocide. Killing entire tribes with disease like Small pox? Many Americans today are not even aware of all the crimes that have been committed in our name.-P

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