The chosen few

It is a remarkable photograph of a gang. Chicago. Strong men in leather. Maybe a hundrethousand years of jail looking in the lens. All black.
I saw it in a book, maybe I possess it, and the folks were standing behind a billiard table – a must: Where else? End 1960ties or early 1970ties.
It was a statement: A black man can also drive a Harley David (son of a bitch).
There are black cowboys too.

As you can see I changed the organisation of this site a bit: I grew tired with clicking in “favorits” and than on the blogs I visit regularily – so I put some links here on the right and called it “The chosen few”. Feel honoured. I put the names there because the web and the blog-thing is something about people, about human beings. “People” is a mass, human being is a single one, an individual (literaly one who is not to be divided, cut in halves), a person. On the blog we show some parts of our person, personality if you like, AND we see, we recognize, we reveal.

So this is a list of human beings whose exhibitions on the web I visit regular, to whom I feel connected, because their revelations are in part mine too.

It’s a mirror.

7 thoughts on “The chosen few

  1. Mirror?Why would you say that? The blog at best has only scraps , but yes tiny real scraps of the person behind it.So why would you say mirror, mirror is a seamless whole image, is it not?Raised eyebrow at ” the chosen few” and thinking of something smart to say.Honored.

  2. Sorry for not bringing it out more clear: The chosen few are the mirror. Every single one, as different as he or she is, represents in a way something I can find in me too. Even Old Knudsen. No need to be smart, just be you.

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