Bob Vido

The catch of the week features this time Bob Vido. I have sympathy for people like him which create their own art, regardless of other people’s opinions. I find it fascinating how from nearly lost traces an image of his life is created in my imagination. It’s detective’s work that the makers of the site did. I did not listen to Bob’s music, I don’t know why, but I am sure that he is absolutly earnest about all his work.

11 thoughts on “Bob Vido

  1. I saw the image pages. So many links,crosslinks and connections. across areas. Rhizology, the tumbled mass of roots, jumbled yet unidirectional,growing, seems just the right word in later.

  2. Interesting. As usual, I find the landscape pictures the most interesting. Hmmm, the “third eye”. I’ve been known to slap a few in their third eye. We can do without anymore enlightened fools.-P

  3. jayYes, “earnest”, “ernst” in German, an unusual word these days. But I think an artist has also the obligation to be not too earnest about himself and his work. If he does and becomes humorless … I think that, is the reason that I did not listen to his music, I guess that he has absolutly no distance to his work and – in the end – to himself.I am one of those, that has no possibility to ignore awkwardness and who likes to “hole in” in an embarrassing moment or action, even if it’s not my own.Nevertheless I find Robert Vidoloff and people of his kind very encouraging and I admire them – it’s something I never could do.It is totally different from making a speech or giving a lecture – that is on a profesional level and it is under control – an experiment I learned to use. Bob and his kin jump in the unknown full-heartedly. “Geronimo …”

  4. <>Which translation of “Seattle Ho” did you mean?<>a. “to go forth to” Seattle (land ho!)b. are you calling me a garden tool?c. are you use American slang for “prostitute”? (A Seattle prostitute) -Which would make you a “Rake” (Wűstling) from Germany. :>d. law-enforcement acronym for “Habitual Offender”e. the chemical symbol for “Holmium”, a very rare earth metal with magnetic properties.Hee,hee, hee-P

  5. Definitly a).b): What kind of garden tool?The others I did not know of. What is a “Habitual offender”? “Holmium”? After Sherlock? Jeez, what things you know?

  6. Actually b) would be a mispelling of the word “Hoe” a tool used for tilling the ground.what you don’t know of? Selective memory perhaps. :>“Habitual Offender” -someone who commits the same crime over and over again. It’s like the military version of MO (Modus Operandi)“Holmium” a metal, like silver, but harder to find.-P

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