Sign of the times

I read in some blogs recently about fear, anxiety, Angst. This week was strenuous, not just work-related but in other relations too. When a friend left after a visit, these two guys were on my sofa.

The larger one to the left is an old childhood-companion. I found him while I moved to this place. The smaller black one on the right is younger. His name is Lutz and he came to me some years ago, 2000 in the summer. He was born in a kind of hospital. The bigger one has his left ear bended and he always looks a bit sad. I remember that he was able to make a sound, but he is silent now. Lutz is still outspoken.
Angst is a killer. It kills one’s elan, self-esteem, trust. To get rid of it is hard, I do not know how it works. But we did it.


8 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. It is a cute picture, Mago. Not something I expected from you, what with the rule about no pets, no kids, no sports rule [blog descritpion]. Your an Enigma.I am currently making a pink “monster”, but I don’t if it will be good or evil until I make the face. :>-P

  2. proximaWell – they arn’t kids and I will not talk about kids. I have absolutly no connection to sports, with the exception of billiards and boxing, but talking about that is deadly boring. “Pets” refers to animals: I don’t have some, I don’t want some.The pair lives happily on my sofa and in the course of the conversation they found themselves under this blanket. Forming a unit against whatever, weathering it out. Hope they’ll survive.cheesemeisterHello and welcome, thank you for your first post here. I enjoy that you see an improvement.

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