So good the weekend was, the start of the week wasn’t. This Tuesday is lost. After a bad night I slept in, did not reach the set goals, was just running around to pick up things, and finally gave in around the late afternoon – nothing to expect today any more: Tomorrow is another day and a new start.
Friday was my last seminar. We had a last hour of resuming and discussion – the date (20. Juli [44]) gave a good start – and than went to a small tavern. They make good beer there, especial “Sternla” (= little star) is an interesting brew.
I am waiting for some answers from possible customers and/or employers, but nothing so far. A possible project went bang – promises are not worth a dime anymore – and that means the financial planing needs revision, to put it mildly.

Clouds roll in low, shades of gray blue white, the next downpour is imminent – Charles Fort wrote once about us humans living on the bottom of a sea-bed, looking up to the surface where the merchand-ships sail – and sometimes they loose something or they brake. Than it’s raining fish in the desert or red herring in London – aah Charley Fort was crazy but wrote interesting books and spent his time in the British Library – and not just this last point makes me sympathize with him. I know of the Fortean organisation and the Fortean Times. I actually checked some of his sources when I read his books and found his citations correct. One story of tiny coffins that were found in a cave in Scotland made my shiver. So my new catch of the week is the Charles Fort Institute.


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  1. It’s true, promises are not worth much anymore. I can imagine this must be very hard if you grew up in a place where a promise used to <>mean<> something. Thankfully it’s not as if nobody’s interested in history anymore. People still love history that is presented in an exiting, lively fashion. I guess it depends on how you will/can approach the matter…Do you write fiction?I just read a summary of Fort’s life. We have so much in common it’s not even funny.

  2. amanda“Do you write fiction?”I thought and think in that direction. In the 30years-war a lot of diaries were written, here in this area too. One is from a pastor in KT, covering more than 20 years, he dies from wounds inflicted by soldiers that took him as hostage. Dry writing style, sometimes just like notes: – The raider that came threedays ago and drank here was shot yesterday there and there. I burried him. Or: Hans, the man of the soandso who run away last week was found in the river. Than there is the diary of a young nobleman from SHA, at this time soldier, later crowning his career by becoming bishop here. AND we have notices of the head of a nunnery … hmtja, that should be enough. BUT to plan the novel, to recherche, and finally to write takes time and a steady income. I applied for a job, let’s see.Maybe you are Fort’s long lost great-great-granddaughter? 🙂austereThank you, but do not be sorry for this, it is enough when I be a little sorry!No Rain? But it is the season, yes? Here the weather does not follow it’s normal pattern too: Yesterday it was so cold that I had to use a rug while sitting at my desk. The last weeks always rain, not continualy, but in heavy downpours. I think the heat will get to us in the coming weeks. I read that in other parts of Europe people are dying from heat-strokes and dehydration, while Britain is drowning.

  3. a very interesting fellow, your mr. fort…got me on a wild train of thought clicking from one link to another. change is good, time always tells me so. i hope your week looks up!

  4. it’s raining here…sending you good thoughts..what’s the connection you might ask? this is a good thing, i’m glad it’s happening, so there’s lots of positive engery accumulating here, sugar..and that should be shared!

  5. portiaThe wild train of thought (Santa Fee 22?) – like to ride it too! When the machine is up and running it can be a wonderful discovering journey – sometimes it is a little hard to stop the engine so …savannahI thank you! I feel positive, no fear – unfounded and unreasonable, fixing a whole helped!

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