I won something!

Portia found this blog worth to receive the “Thinking Blogger Award” and gave it to me together with Proxima, Austere, Uncle E and Crusty Beef.
Politly I want to thank for this and confess that it appeals to my vanity. If this blog provokes one or another thought in a reader’s head than it is good. Do not miss to follow the TBA-link to the source of this award, The Thinking Blog by Ilker Yoldas. There are currently more than 250 other Thinking Blogs to be discovered! Happy rummaging!
Thank you Portia.

14 thoughts on “I won something!

  1. You definately desserve it Mago! I’m always looking forward to each of your posts. They always lead to a zillion more questions.Hey, when will you post about the Germanic tribes. You know, like around 400 A.D. or so?-P

  2. Hei, back again! I will write about the old Germans, no worries. I found Morris’ House of Wolfing an interesting read, but I must confess that I had difficulties with the language, pretty dense. Interesting man, thank you for the reference!

  3. I’m glad you liked it. Yes, very dense, most high scholl Americans would not be able to make it through it. You should be very proud of yourself, even for just the attempt. Thank you for trying it! Take Care!-P

  4. What’s up with this family reunion thing? Did you have to attend someone else’s family get-together this weekend? That would make me gag too. And possibly drive me to drink again.

  5. As I once noticed here I have no more close relatives, close to the horizon far related figures pass by, but there is no direct line and no second, maybe a third. It is a long overdue family-gathering of a friend that I attend, helped to organize a bit, kind of tourist-program included (vine cellar, boat trip) and a friendly evening in a tavern … cheerio, these blokes can drink. One of the ladies was charming, her husband muscular, one idiot ordered Aquavit, it’s a large rural family, lots of sisters and brothers – I happily avoided to become a member of the clan!

  6. She was pretty crisp and wanted to arouse her spouse. So I was kissed by a blonde and was facing nasty looks. And comments!I really do not know who came up with the Aquavit (Linie. Produced to kill.), but managed to stay upright. I even led the peasants to their sleeping boxes … Your picture was good, I watched some fires and tried to calm things. Mr. Muscle was really friendly the following day. Blondie hat mich mit dem Arsch nicht mehr angeschaut, I hopefully managed to sweet things out with friendliness.Idiots? Yeah, everywhere. Most drunk …

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