Charles Fort was an un-orthodox american writer.
Alfred William Lawson was an un-orthox american … man. He led a colorful live and besides anything that is to be said about this man: He was original, he really worked for his fellow man, and he made a good figure in a senate’s hearing in the beginning fifties – that is more than can be said about a lot of his contemporaries that had the pity to come in such a situation! Remarkable exceptions were Bogart and Hammett (!).
I came about his studies in Lawsonomy by chance and later learned that his university is still in existence. I found this site to be the best collection of links regarding Alfred Lawson, although I have no idea what this “squidoo”-thing is about.
Lawson is clearly a mad man, but – as I see it – of the loving, caring, doing-no-harm kind. So go and learn about Lawsonomy!

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  1. paddyHello and welcome thank you for coming by after your vacation / absence. Ivan Illich – heavens!amandaNa, don’t know whether there is “truth” in Lawsonomy, there is definitly a lot of Lawson in it, maybe some lobotomy too.portiatrippy fits – he was on a livelong trip (he was a teetotaller!), never stayed in a place for longer than some days. As a pretty old man he fathered a son, the man should be now around 70. I would really like to know of him, his life, must have been extraordinary as his father’s.lone grey squirrelThey come to me :) Pseudo-scientific argumentation is hard to fight, one has to go to the basics od perception and in the end one has to fight against emotions and beliefs – that IS difficult and in the end frustrating. What does your pseudo-scientist present?

  2. So he was polymathic (great at learning things in several fields) but that doesn’t make him a genius and certainly not a god.Besides, there’s being “unorhtdox for an American” and just being plain “unorthodox” by anyone’s standards.He sounds alot like L. Ron Hubbard (the Founder of the Church of Scientology). I was just reading an article the other day about how much Germany just “loves” the Church of Scientology. (I’m joking of course.)Hope you and all your accompanying pseudonyms are all well. :> -PBonus points for using the word “teetotaller”!

  3. I like that kind of madman! Doesn’t matter if I believe what they’re saying, I fully support their right to believe as they wish because of the do no harm philosophy. I’m that kind of crazy person too. I don’t really care if others think I’m crazy, so long as they don’t patronize me for it.

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