A reddish moon comes up like a fruit, one could grab this orange.
The week flew by. Looking on the to-be-done-list from Monday I have to accept that just two topics are solved, the rest … It was a busy week, filling forms, talking to personal-managers, writing applications, something has to happen.
The next days hot weather is forecasted, time to ride a bicycle, to photograph and to forget troubles.

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  1. I hope the weekend helps you to do a little relaxing without thinking of your problems.I wish I could come up with some bright and wittystatement but I am wound up pretty tight right now and bright witty just doesn’t fit. Maybe the only thing I can come up with is MISERY LOVES COMPANY! Find a helpful friend and go for it.

  2. Would love to see new photos!It’s hard to be patient about job searching, it is stressful. I hope something good will come through for you soon though. Tlak to people everywhere you go. Maybe they have an opening at places you haven’t yet considered. :)-P Hopeful

  3. I am sorry … No bike, no pics. Working on a database, in vain of course. Personal trouble. I would like to drown in a buket of whiskey. But it’s not affordable and I need my brains. Thank you all for making a difference.

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