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The human voice is the first, the primal organ: We can hum, shout, whisper, scream, speak, follow given rhythms or letting it flow free, high low and all in between. As a kid I was able to produce a very high, sharp, bird-like cry/noise that could be heard over some hundred meters; it was useful in the forests just as in the city.
Sometimes it can be very good to go out on the countryside and shout, just letting out frustration and anger by roaring: Makes the throat rough, but helps with the blood-pressure, best with throwing something around. When you put on black leather clothing it is possibly a little like attending a metal-concerto …
This week’s catch is the “Introduction to Mieskuoro Huutajat“, the “Men’s Choir The Shouters”, who performs for 20 years now. They have a colorful repertoire from finnish traditionals to classical pieces. Under “Audio and Video” you find examples of their art. I deeply regret that I could not attend their last concerto held in Warsaw on 2nd of June at the Finlandia Vodka Event, I am sure it was worth it: As I was told the conductor levitates regularly.


15 thoughts on “Scream

  1. I like to shout under water, particularly in the ocean. I like the way that the only thing that you can hear is the sound in your head. It is somehow more satisfying to know that I am shouting as loud as I can, while surrounded by lots of people who cannot hear me.

  2. amandaFine to see you again.Yes, cool they are. And and welcome, thank you for posting. I never swam in an ocean, and I doubt I will, after having seen the shark-pictures from Lone Grey Squirrel!Sometimes it simply must out. Glad to see that you are seemingly doing fine.

  3. really?? truly?! cool…screaming can be highly theraputic… like proxima taking her greiving friend to a rave, it is a huge release. i read a bit about these guys but can’t hear..will have to come back to the link when i land at a computer with ears.and how was the bike ride? any good pictures?

  4. Sounds interesting.Sadly Finland has surpassed Japan as the country with the highest suicide rate in the last few years. I guess those saunas aren’t taking the edge off like they used too.-P

  5. Oh How good it feels to let out a scream once in awhile. Living in town I can’t do it with all the open windows in summer. Screaming into the pillow just doesn’t cut it. I still revert to childhood and stamp my foot and scream.

  6. <>Sadly Finland has surpassed Japan as the country with the highest suicide rate in the last few years.<>It’s the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">SAD.<> As much as I love Finland I’m glad I did not move there as I had planned. Germany is bad enough. Which reminds me… Mago you might want to watch < HREF="" REL="nofollow">“I Hired A Contract Killer.”<>

  7. No – I have more than one address in my notebook, not just the waterworks …You had really a plan to go to Finnland? Heavens …A friend of mine was Swedish. Had a tough fate. He lived with his wife and children on a farm in Sweden. Old hous, built on “findlings”. All independent, a “green” dream. Sometimes friends came over. Most of them sooner or later had a problem: It was too silent! The woods, the light, silence … coming from a city and not used to this, can be creepy.His wife died from cancer, he saw the doctor as guilty and banged him with a bat. Of course he was jailed. His eldest daughter become ill with a bad infection, together with other kids in a summer-camp, and had to spent years in hospital, partly in isolation, when she should have been going to school … He tried to make a living from translations, gave me some and they were good, guess he died years ago. I should really try to clear that, it is a sore spot, feel responsible … Wonder where his manuskripts ended up.Now tell me that you knew him too …By the way, you can be proud of yourself!

  8. Thank you. Ebenfalls. How terrible about the Swede. Truly a fate worst than death. I don’t know him of course, but on occasion I have visited a German guy who moved to the Swedish pampas some years ago and married a charming local there. You are right…this is nothing for “normal” people. However I grew up in a similar setting, in another part of the world, so I found it quite nice.

  9. Screaming Jay Hawkins comes to my mind, but he did Blues only, one of the old shouters …Compulsive chatter is a kind of “logorrhoea”, when the poor human is unable to shut the mouth and keep quiet for at least one minute. I have difficulty with thinking about compulsive quiet – it is possibly a kind of uneasy, aggressive silence, the non-wording, obstinacy, the refusal of communication …Terrible, all these thinking bloggers, quietly gazing at their monitors, all round the globe in this electronic village, consuming tea coffee and web space …

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