That is what Amanda’s fine shark-kidden reminded me of.
It is by Franquin, the creator of Gaston Lagaffe, from an album “Schwarze Gedanken / Idées Noires“. The german wikipedia-article is not bad. Sorrily I found no examples of his “black thoughts” available on the web.


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  1. I also like Edward Gorey.Being rather a bleak person on one hand and on the other being a complete idiot that loves the Three Stooges, black humor often seems the way to go. It combines both the bleak and the humor.

  2. savannahThey are nearly 20 years distant – Crumb being born 1943, Franquin 1924. I do not know how european (that is in the golden age after the war french and belgian comics) were accepted or absorbed in America – whether they even were known? I see it always as a one-way-export with Mickey, Donald and the other Disneys ahead, followed by syndicated figures like Bunny and all the Hanna-Barbera-cartoons.I do not know what Crumb was influenced by, but surely classics of the trade like Durer, Grosz and others. He lives in France now, maybe we should ask him about that.amanda🙂 sharkey …austereHA – TinTin! What does Capt’n Haddock always say? “Billions of blistering bastards”? Remi was even older than Franquin being born 1907. Fine work. Think he was the one with the “linie claire”?cheesemeisterWho’s Mr. Gorey? I do not know him and his work – another good excuse to vanish in the depth of the web and the encyclopedie … Thank you!lone grey squirrelHa – you started it with your posts about comics: That was a great idea! I will try to find some other pages and examples for your enjoyment!

  3. absolutely, sugar! yet another reason to visit search of mr crumb! cheesemeister is right about edward gorey…i think you’ll enjoy his work! americans have always looked to europe for inspiration when it came to the arts. i think that even after the war this was true…now our global village is more interchangeable…

  4. Ha,ha,ha.I never understand the French until they’re about a bottle and a half deep in red wine, then it all starts to make sense.-PYou’re word verification is looking to pick a fight me, it called me a “yawckn”. Which is like saying, “Ya(You) Chicken”. However I shall resist chewing on my monitor’s corner tonight. :>

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