Colonel Workman

It was maybe a quarter past eight o’clock in the evening when the colonel opened the door and got shot. A round of buck shot (Schrot) hit him in his chest. If he was lucky he only felt an hit against his torso and was already dead when collapsing on the floor. He kept one of his hands in a typical gesture.
The colonel was 83 years old and lived alone after his wife’s death. His body will be found in the morning by the carer.
Shortly before five o’clock in the morning a man will use a pone-booth in a three mile distant village and call an ambulance. He will misspell the name of the village and use a wrong name for the house. The ambulance will miss the colonel and return without any result.
The location is Furneux Pelham in Hertfordshire, the date is 7th of January 2004. You can read about the case here and here, see photos and a short biographical sketch of the colonel here, and listen to the caller on this BBC-site.
Nobody knows why it happened.


6 thoughts on “Colonel Workman

  1. In January 2004, I do not remember the date, it was after the murder of the colonel, I finished a work that had taken a lot of time. It was in the night, I opened the window to let in clean cold air. I was living in a house standing on a hill with a street going up parallel to the side I was looking out. I remember the glitter of ice and frozen snow. I decided to look into the web, read BBC-news, have a wine, just coming down and enjoying myself after having finished the saied longer task.I read the BBC-news and one of the first news was that that this man had been shot. It grabbed me. I would very well like to dig through Workman’s life to find out what had happened. Professional curiosity maybe. The bizzare details, like the ammunition that is not common in the area, the call itself, the detail that the caller uses a name for the house that is out of use since Mrs. Workman deceided to use another – the possible long-time revenge. All in a setting that even the Guardian-reporter describes as kind of “Agatha-Christie-England”: I never was in Hertfordshire but it seems to be so damn English there.Somebody seemingly waited a long time and than acted. Why? What did Workman do that someone finally pulled the trigger? His livespan wasn’t too long anymore obviously, someone wanted to punish.I had other things to do. I thought the detectives will find out, one day I will read in the BBC. After one year there was nothing. I stumbled over a short notice that the police would have a meeting with the villagers. Hm? Than again nothing. Now three years are over and nothing is cleared, no further evidence, simply nothing but a dead old man on his own doorstep. No answers.I am curious. I like answers. Even those I do not like.

  2. He is certainly hiding a past. The pictures from different ages. The man is fighting a secrest. I don’t believe that Mr. Workman is <>really<> Mr. “Workman”. I think we was born under another name. That is what I would investigate first. This history/genealogy that you do, it it is all very fascinating. I am now caught up in it too. You are a ghost chaser. 🙂-P

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