Running again

Semester starts with might – things have to be organized, I even managed to find my way into the “Virtual Campus” – a friendly student is to clean up all the traces I left: To find out what happens, you have to click any possible function – it’s a kind of fool’s test … they deserve it, they gave me access, ha!
Another expedition into the countryside is necessary on Wednesday, after that I should have everything together for an other happy American client … and be able to send a happy billing along.
Now I have to read a paper from last semester, a young man wrote about Foucault, heavy thinking is imminent. Yes, it’s time to turn back to the library, nulla salus extra bibliothecam. Seminar this winter on Thursday in the morning at nine – unbelievable: I must have been totally drunk when I accepted that appointment.

20 thoughts on “Running again

  1. Well it is looking up for you. :) I am so happy for you. I’m not sure I will ever get back to heavy thinking and I really don’t want to. I will leave that for younger minds.Have a great time getting back! Big Hug.

  2. “It’s a huggin’ …” sounds like the refrain of a sixties-song you can hear in some bear-joints between 12 and 1 in the morning … :) I thank you, my Ladies, all and every single one.No heavy-thinking – someway always something came in between me and the text. Now it’s 10 in the evening and I do not want to follow Michel F. on his trail through culture, power and the human body. I like to follow other blogs and treat my body with cheap white wine.

  3. I followed my desire. It is really better to use small glasses :)Thankfully I do not smoke anymore, so I can only blame the drink.austereI hope your move to the new place is blessed. The VC is a kind of forum for both, students and teachers. The idea is good: You can describe your seminar there, plan the single sessions, give the materials as pdf and list what should be read. Also there is a forum to post and comment – as I was told the students accepted this widely in the last semester. For me it is the first try. I scanned my “Basical texts” with mixed results … But I shoveled it in and it should be accessible – what reminds me to have a look there.amanda:) Good morning.

  4. White wine, bah. I like wine red, blood red, especially a Syrah/Shiraz with bite. :>Look at you, quite the ladies man now with all these female blogger friends. heh,heh,hehI’m glad things are starting to look up for you. I hope this virtual classroom will be a positive experience for you!If I had been born then, I’m sure I could have taught Foucault a thing or two. Yes, I am in a good mood, hence all the teasing in this comment.A good week to you and the rest of the “girl gang” here!-P

  5. Thank you for the tip … It is a kind of franconian Montana, but being very flat.It is past six in the morning. What I always assumed is true: The world turns b/w over night. Color returns probably between 8 and 9.

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