A Gun?

Men hang around the house and drill holes into the concrete-walls. They say they lay cables for the inhabitants’ comfort to get fast and easy internet-access, tv-access and access to all that will come in the bright future. Yay … I have fast and easy internet-access, I have a phone, I hate tv. I do not need some holes in my walls. I am ready to work on a database, to write applications and work with the sad rest of my brains. If I had a gun, I am not sure on whom I would use it right now.

6 thoughts on “A Gun?

  1. I had a friend who shot my tv because he didn’t like the Energizer rabbit commercial.Upon suddenly realization of “whose” tv he had just shot. He panics, kneels on the floor with his head down and offers me the gun.“Just get me a new tv damit, like I really want a “hot” gun and a dead body in my apt.”Might I suggest going for a walk, maybe even take pen and paper to write down your thoughts at intervals.-P

  2. savannahI thank you my Dear.amandaWho wants to bless me? With a cable? You better do not try to bless me with a cable …portiaThat is good, that you hear me. I like your new photo better than the ape and the first one. You look strong and you are.proximaI think it’s okay to shoot tvs. I know – it’s not the tv, it’s the programm – heavy philosophical conflictations in reach – I am for simple solutions, ye older I get … just shoot the damn machine, it’s better than throwing it out of the window.Going out and writing is a good thing. Maybe I will take some photographs.

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