The latest issue of the “Informationen zur politischen Bildung” (Information on / for political understanding) features India. This is the official magazin of a federal Institution for political understanding, education – I am not sure how to translate it. It is reliable, used as source for school-teaching and free. I think I will crawl under a mantle and read about Indian society, political system, foreign policy, economical development since 1947.


17 thoughts on “India

  1. Good luck. We’re so funny and strange we dont get it, ourselves, the hand not knowing which torso it belongs to.About anything else (cough cough) I don’t mind as long as we have a 9% GDP growth and currency to match, unlike I daresay some tiny islands in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

  2. Yeah for google and it’s ability to automatically translate pages from other languages!!!Did you read my “Open letter to the President” post? I am a patient person, but when I get to the end of my fuse, my wrath can be frightful, This letter is but a sliver of that.Thanks for the link hope all is going better today! Damn Mister Superdriller. Another reason to leave this apartment, they are always doing some work or another that is convienent for them and not us. Later, P

  3. 63mago says:

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