When I woke up in the not so early morning (I usually get up at nine) I had a warm apartment, my books on their places, quite reasonable clean, even an other coffee-pot so no reason to do the dishes … It became real cold around here in the last days.
At nine (before coffee) Superdriller came in. He told me that they would start Now. And walls had to be free, and there is a box in the wall they need access to and there should have been an explaining letter, hm?
Yes, there has been a letter, but nobody told me where they would drill what holes and I am not ready to carry some thousands books around in advance. I told him that I do not care for these shitty box(es), I just want to know where they need a “free wall”. He showed and left. It is cold, I stored around 12 m of books somewhere and may wait for Superdriller and his crew. Whether they will make it in the afternoon?
It is of no use to start working on the database – I will have to stop. It is a little like writing an article or a text for a customer – when I start I will have to finish, I must stay with it. The only acceptable brake is for eating or sleeping. I envy people that have the ability to disrupt their work on such a thing seemingly without any trouble and – what is more important – can start and continue where they stopped.

5 thoughts on “Superdriller

  1. That sounds like one of my secret nightmares come true. I hope the ueberbohrer came and went again. For good.Concentration? What’s that? After half a dozen years of, mostly short, people interrupting me at every turn, I cannot focus more than 5 min.

  2. Superdriller went off and did not come back. In the afternoon I asked the “Stift” who was left and the only one working how it was thought to work. He saied he would try to come by, but the poor lad was really alone with his drill-machine … I made an appointment with him for tomorrow afternoon. If Superdriller comes an again I’ll throw him out of my rooms.

  3. Unneccesary to mention, but – well: Superdriller vanished. Met my next-door-neighbor and she saied that nobody showed up at her’s. She told them at least four times that she is at home in the afternoon. At 1300 no Superdriller at all for the appointment.Two hours later I went off to see the old one. When returning I found a slice of paper pinned at my door saying that they would come on 29th. I doubt that I will find time for them …

  4. <>I doubt that I will find time for them …<>That’s ok. I’m sure he will appreciate the reality check. People with his type of job often think they are much more important than they truly are.

  5. I’m not good at interrupting what I’m doing either. When my schedule gets disrupted it really throws me off. I’m better at being flexible now than I was for a while but I’m afraid that’s not saying much.

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