Time for a new catch. This one is different, no absurdities. Sometime ago I came across the blog of Siddharth Jain, a young (27) Delhi-based photographer. He put up new pictures from a recent trip to Europe. You can see some galleries here, but go to the flickr-url too.
I simply like his pictures. Some of them make me dream, and then they are good for me.


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  1. And hey, don’t you love me anymore?No comment from you on “what kind of musical instrument are you?” (I thought it would be a post up your alley. I’m guessing your response and what to know if I’m right), <>Austere<> too, where is that woman?And when did you you get this “Wise Bird award”? Very nice, congrats!

  2. you allDo not thank me for the nice pictures – Siddharth Jain made them: I am just happy that you like them.ProximaNot love you anymore? To know you is to love you!I thought about that instrument and could not come up with an answer. Maybe a triangle.austere is in Delhi, she should be back now.

  3. *blushing happily*You know, they gave me a triangle in kindergarten to play with because I broke all the others. So I guess that means you are sturdy tnen. I was thinking Cello, a quality instrument that never gets its due respects.-P

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