I got an Award!

Lone Grey Squirrel gave to me the “Wise Bird Award”.
Thank you LGS!
LGS received the price from Marje from DUTCHCORNER. She saied: “These bloggers have a lot of very informative beautiful posts. They must be very wise.” In LGS’ case this is absolutely true.
I will wear the badge with pride and I will pass it on.


13 thoughts on “I got an Award!

  1. Definately deserved!Yesterday while watching a TV program they had a house over in Germany. It was underground with the roof covered in a little dirt and grass. The brick used in the house were made right there. It was a beautiful home. I think the town’s name was Kassel.

  2. *blush*Thank you.JoyceHouses in the earth. Have a look at this video:http://www.erdhaus.ch/web/index.php?lang=enpages.asp?page=5&mid=8My speakers are not working, so I do not know what they are speaking – surely they say that it is great to live there.And there is a “Erdhaus” near Kassel, kind of location for meditation:http://www.schoppenhorst-h.de/ZaZen.htmknightandbabyWelcome! It is good to see you here.cheesemeisterSee – nobody would ever call me “bunny” … 🙂

  3. savannahI knew it: You are the only one to come up with “hunnie bunnie” !… like it …jayI’d share dis’n’dat with ya hunnie! Your last post was funny and true.amandaThank you. This “deserved” … blame it on lgs! Gut Dir wieder zu begegnen.pipetobaccoWelcome – how was your trip to the North? I hope you found everything there as you expected it to be.My primary language is German. I am a born German – language again: Proxima wrote about it and her in-born accent.First foreign language at school was Latin; later I “had” French – I have amazingly a good pronunciation, but no more knowledge of the words, and it was a voluntarily thing, so after a little more than a year it was over. Regularly we learned English – or what our teachers understood.The humanistic course was crowned with Greek: That was fun, because our teacher was a real good one, a funny man who kept the respect of his disciples: We loved him … he did not shy away from making a fool out of himself, but he always managed to retain that last something – he never became ridiculous.I may do harm to the English language, a lot of “Germanism” will shine through. Be asured that I feel deep respect for it. I like nuances and use my native language – hm .. – well? English is a bit different 🙂

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