A day out

Two weeks ago my (nearly) one-hundred-year old customer asked me whether we should visit the archive in BA. Yes I said, I never saw all the material and maybe I could find something to be used for a text I have to write.
At 9 this morning I helped him to board the car, we thundered through the fog and finally found our destination. They sat us in a not too warm room and we worked for two hours. I read some files, he got an overview, checked everything and gave me advice. After lunch he decided that we should visit a nearby museum where a common friend is working, sadly we missed her. Instead we stumbled into the meeting of the local women-club, he started the charming and the ladies loved him. I guess he just wanted some cookies. He got them.
Afterwards we drove overland in a beautiful late-autumn light. I brought him home just after darkness set in, helped him to his door and waited until I was sure that he was in the house, had his keys and shut the door. He’s 96 and just wanted to have a day out.


13 thoughts on “A day out

  1. Mago,What a way to spend a day. Glad he still knows how to charm and get rewarded with cookies.Here it warmed up so we could get a little snow.Last week it was hunting season and the hunters were hoping for snow but didn’t get any .

  2. It’s great to hear about someone of such an advanced age who is still getting around. Gives me some hope.A lady that I help out is 95 years old. She does most everything for herself but needs help getting in and out of the bath and help hanging up her clothes. She still does a lot of things every day. I really admire her.

  3. joyceWhat is that snow good for when hunting? Why do they want snow? I think hunting is about shoot and eat and without snow one can move far more easy around. You see, I am really no outdoors-enthusiast.austereThe winter-sky, if not totally grey, has a bluish coloration, it is a certain mix between bblue, grey and silver. Autumn light is warmer, has more gold in it and brings out details – sometimes the air itself works like a looking-glass. Yesterday we drove along a small river through a relatively wide valley, going west to the setting sun. The sky was bluish-cold in different pastell tones, a bank of small clouds was illuminated by the setting sun so they turned purple, but somehow this warm tone was reflected down and it was a warm light – a winter sky with autumn light.cheesemeisterYes, they are examples that give hope. Just not stopping.Am terribly tired now, seminar was exhausting, two hours discussing about history, historical thinking and whatnot. My mistake, I gave a referate about Huizinga to a student and did not look after her, so she was alone wondering – and her speech was about wondering …

  4. Mago,Snow is for tracking the deer. It also helps to find a wounded deer. Up here we have a lot of hunters that donate the deers to food pantries. That way the pantries have meat to give to people that need it. Up here it is better to have hunting than alot of car-deer accidents. It isn’t fun to hit a deer.

  5. joyceGood to hear that the animals are eaten. Accidents with deer or wild boars are mostly heavy. Sometimes in the RhΓΆn-mountains wild pigs cross the autobahn and people get hurt.old KnudsenWell SΓΆren, sometimes you look really old …AmandaHm? Hast Du einen Anschlag auf mich vor? πŸ™‚

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