How to start?

How do you start your day?
English breakfast and half-a-bottle-of-champagne? Igor-like with loud bonk-bonk-noise you call music? A swig-o-booze for the warmth? A sandwich with grilled swine? Cereals?
I am curious.

I get up not before nine o’clock, because the world is in color then; I need coffee. To prepare good coffee you need coffee-powder made from coffee-beans, not too fine, a little rough. One big spoon put in that thing: What is the name of this?

Is it a colander? Add a tip of salt; pour over hot water, directly into the cup; enjoy. Have a glass of water with it. Two of that cups and the day is your friend. The first look into the web, reading the news. Then bath, clothes, off to library, bureau, desk, whatever …

In earlier times part of breakfast was the first cigarette, selfmade or filter, my mother used to have Peer 100, I was on Gauloise, before they went weak and used brown tabaccos … But it’s no fun to cough out your ass in the morning; I’ll always remember the taste of filtered coffee and virginia tabacco, liked Camel a lot but couldn’t use it anymore after two years because of the perfume they put in; best virginia was in Sweet Afton but nobody bought that here or Nil, so I went to the locals Rothaendle or Reval that is, black tobaccos, and it was satisfying. For the afficionados of my age: Schwarzer Krauser was too heavy even for me!
Today the smell of cigarette smoke triggers a lot of memories – and I learned that I can not stand it at breakfast time – it makes me vomit.

Breakfast is coffee and first information. Quiet. Undisturbed. It’s a ritual I need more the older I get – I feel uneasy and disturbed when this routine is off the rails. After that holy hour I am ready for anything, be it heavy thinking at the desk or babysitting, working the library, going to an archive, writing, reading, speaking – but without that hour and this two cups I am ready to kill you with every drip of acidic misanthropy I am capable of, I can get real mean.

How do You start the day? What are your rituals? What makes you going? What kills your good mood? What keeps you going in the morning? Do you have coffee – and how do you prepare it?
I would like to hear.

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  1. I have never been particular how anything is fixed. I can fix an egg any way from slimy to hard boiled. Maybe just go to the fridge and pull out a slice of bologna and eat as is. A chug of milk from the jug since no one else in the house drinks any. I get the cheapest coffee and make it simple in a coffee maker. When the first drink is bitter, the next one isn’t quite as bad. When one is really hungry, simple is a feast. I don’t believe being self centered and particular is the purpose of life. I just can’t be picky about my personal life and what I eat while millions are starving to death and slaughtered like worthless animals.

  2. Always coffee but the method changes. At the moment I have a plunger (cafitierre) in the morning. When I get up I put the kettle on the stove which takes about as long to boil as it does for a shower. Then I brew the coffee for as long as it takes me to get dressed- along with the rest of my female obsessions – eyeliner, mascara etc… I have been an insomniac for most of my life so my mornings are normally rushed as I have often only just got to sleep a few hours before the alarm sounds. I normally try to get as much sleep in as I can – as a result, my mornings are not leisurely affairs. These days they are not so bad but I still feel the need to get dressed and ready for work first because I am so often running late. I can leave the house without having had breakfast but can’t quite leave without the rest of the necessities! Anyway, I am currently having Shredded Wheat for breakfast – one piece. It reminds me of my grandpa. Some say it tastes like cardboard but I like it. Once that is down I am off into the day. Weekends are very different though, I love weekend mornings.I wish I was someone who could get up early – take the dog for a walk and get the papers to read with breakfast. oh well – can’t change a lifetime of sleepiness!

  3. A Sieve or a strainer is what we would call it.I get up late after being up late, a cup of tea because I am civilised a can of pepsi and a handful of pills.I kick the gurl out of my bed and smoke 40 cigarettes to jump start me.3 soft boiled eggs 2 toast cut into soldiers and dipped into the eggs.I then put some clothes on and blog and commit hate crimes.

  4. My rituals have changed a lot over time. Currently, I am trying to be healthier which means oats porridge or cereals with milk and just water to drink……no coffee.However, when I feel like indulging, it would be two sunny side eggs, bacon, fried mushrooms with baked beans and earl grey tea. I usually do this on holidays.

  5. I get home at the same time most people are getting up. I usually have bacon. Sometimes toast and jam. Sometimes french toast and syrup. Often milk, sometimes chocolate milk. I don’t usually go to sleep until 10 AM or after. I probably should start eating just cereal for breakfast. But I love the warmth of the other things.If I feel like I’m going to fall asleep on the drive home I drink instant coffee at about 5 AM. We don’t have the option of brewed coffee. When I used to work at UPS we had a machine that dispensed Sludge and called it Coffee. Getting the Sludge With Sugar would usually keep a body awake through the shift.

  6. Chai!Tata’s garden fresh, boiled strong with a hint of milk.And I refuse to move until tea is made and ready on the table, then and only then do I step out of bed.Morning first chore is cook cook cook while listening to FM on headphones.

  7. mjHope to see you here again!Tom & IcyMan … No you are not know that the sleeping-patterns are in our genes – it’s just the blue-print, you can not escape. I always hated to get up for school (at 7 latest, just one hour left and more than 30 minutes to walk, or run), so prima facie I would call you not an insomniac but someone with another sleeping pattern, other than that what is seen as “normal”: WHo decided that one has to sit at the desk at eight in the morning functioning? I can’t. I get up at nine. I am ready at ten. I quit after midnight – what makes more than twelve hours heavy-working-capability …What is “Shredded Wheat in one piece”? How do you do that?Old KnudsenThank you – sieve, that is Sieb, how I would call it; and strainer is the good old “Durchschlag”. “Cut into soldiers” is an interesting formulation – do you mean to cut them diagonal?I hope you are well, as in no cancer, flagging, any major desasters …Lone Grey SquirrelNO coffee? AT all? Just water – did you already start the lent-season?The earl grey is a fine thing, and all the other breakfast-ingredients – I could swear that you get up late or at least would under normal conditions!savannahI hope that I am not around after your second cup!CheesemeisterYou have a weird rhythm! I worked night-shifts for some time when I was younger, in my twenties, so its a long time ago … At those days I had a fat sandwich with roasted meat for breakfast, a cup of coffee and the last cigarette. Or maybe a cold beer. At the station was a vending-machine that had hot soup, a kind of vegetable-brew – hence my question on your blog some time ago.austereChai! :) I admire this – only when it is on the table you move! Right you are! I like you.AmandaThat sounds – I may over-interpret- like: FORT! Ruhe! AAaargl …. :)At the Rose of Montreux back in stoneage was an award-winning short: Subjective camera, a man running through a house with a knife in no-good-attitude, hacks his way through different rooms until he comes to the last closet under the roof, where he whacks the big-bad-knife through the wood, “Shining”, just for a small “bing” and a female voice telling our hero that “coffee is ready” whereupon the monster stumbles down to the kitchen, the color adjusts and a firm and confident “Good Morning” resounds through the ruins … Those were the days …Thank you all for telling about your mornings!

  8. What a nice place you have here. I used to love waking up in the morning, but since the onset of “the change”, somehow my sleeping has changed. I wake up at 2 a.m. and can’t sleep any more. So I watch the news on tv, with the mute button pressed so the noise won’t wake up my sweetie. I try to watch the captions but my eyes don’t work well in the middle of the night. Then, yay – around 6:30 a.m. it is time for COFFEE. Nectar of the gods. Pour the beans into the grinder, and grind them up finely. Then dump it into the filter, and turn on the coffee maker. I’m an egg girl – like Tom, I’ll take them any way at all. As for his shredded wheat – my dad used to eat that too – it is a bunch of shredded strings of wheat molded into a pillow shape (about 4 inches long) and crunchy. You have to break it with a spoon to eat it.

  9. tsduffThank you. “a bunch of shredded strings of wheat molded into a pillow shape (about 4 inches long) and crunchy.”I have to search for a picture or something, I do not get it. Wheat is “Weizen”, a grain, you can mill it to make flour – so this is made of a dought from wheat-flour, than it must be baked, it’s like a “Vollkornbrötchen”. But on the other hand you eat it with a spoon … strange!A lot to learn on breakfast.

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