Get out!

It’s SUNNY! Clear sky! Blue!
Time for a walk.
There is still ice over the puddles.

A kind of early butterfly!

In German the name is “Weidenkätzchen”.

Just an ordinary Feldweg, a lot to discover.


13 thoughts on “Get out!

  1. This brings back so many memories for me. I grew up in the north of England and the I remember clearly the sensation underfoot of cracking ice still frozen on puddles. We called the plant you showed “pussy-willow” – what an odd plant it is – beautiful. Thank you for posting these pictures.Enjoy your walks with that lovely cool air. Our skies are grey and we have received so much rain that there are floods throughout the state (which is still technically in drought!). The air is hot and thick with humidity. We put on the air conditioner to pretend that it is a cold winter day.

  2. 🙂 Hey you all, thank you: Glad you like them!Today it’s that winter bluish grey again, but the birds keep singing – winter is broken, will hit one more time in February, but that’s it then. After two weeks I feel healthy again, brain is working, have to sort things out and start a new.Life is great.

  3. I am supposed to work, but hang around the web and let me get distracted, damn Irish …By Killarney’s lakes and fells,Em’rald isles and winding bays;Mountain paths and woodland dells,Mem’ry ever fondly strays.Bounteous nature loves all landsBeauty wonders ev’rywhere;Footprints leaves on many strand,But her home is surely there!Angels fold their wings and rest,In that Eden of the WestBeauty’s home Killarney,Ever fair Killarney.

  4. This comment is over a year late… but I wasn’t blogging back when you wrote this.In Canada, those are pussy willows (photos 3 & 4). Harbingers of spring and the green growth to come.Lovely! Can’t wait for ours to show up this year… from under all this snow.

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