Help me, Rory!

Yes it would have been too easy, just become healthy again, feel strong, check out, re-arrange and move on, it’s no Hollywood-pic here. I was with a very old man today, and had not the guts to talk with him about death. One last book is what he wants, and he wants me to do it. He wants me to finish it when he dies, what is imminent, because his strength is shrinking, his ability to write becomes smaller and smaller, the pain in the worn joints greater and worse. His eyes changed. You know it when you see it. His birthday is in this month, open house, yes a lot of people will attend in these two hours – “just look and drink, no gifts” – it will be a nice get-together, even a kind of party. The last one. I know him for some years now. Under other circumstances I asked him some direct questions he answered very clear. I guess that is why he kept me around him, he could easily have other people doing things for him, writing, a little research, ah bah … he wants to talk. And I backed out. I feel ashamed. He obliged me.

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  1. We used to watch a tv show with a guy named Johnny Carson and he would often interview famous people who were in their 80s and 90s like Groucho Marx, Laural & Hardy, George Burns and it was disturbing to watch.

  2. It’s hard sometimes. I know because of being in a line of work where people deteriorate. A lot of the time they just want to talk. It’s hard when it’s someone you’re more close to and you can sense that they’re dying. I actually like talking to very elderly people. They have a perspective that the rest of us haven’t yet attained. Still, it is sad to see the body withering and wasting. I won’t go too much into spiritual beliefs but I do think that unless the brain has deteriorated the elderly still have much to say and thus to contribute.

  3. austereThank you for calling me s sweet man. I was given many names over time, but not yet called a sweet man. There IS Hope! :)raineI will, hope in time.amandaI hope so.tom & icyWhat did you find disturbing?cheesemeisterYes, their perspective has totally changed. In a way he has an already transcendent view of the world.

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