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I know that I said in the comments from the last post, that I would write about history next, but I re-read the comments on the breakfast-post and the wheat grabbed me, so to say. I simply could not imagine, what that “Shredded Wheat” bylamplight was talking about would be, and tsduff‘s explanation made me even more curious about that strange thing. A first look in the Webster confirmed my suspicion, that it is made from a dough.
Wikipedia told me, that wheatshredding was the invention of Henry Perky, a lawyer, businessman and inventor, who lived from 1843 to 1906. Here you can see a short history of the wheatshredder’s business in Niagara Falls; there is a collector’s site too.
Modern Shredded Wheat seems to be good for the heart and anything else – at least are there many colorful sheets, graphs and whatnot that show all the nutrition-data of wheat-shred that are probably to be found: I do not understand one statistical graph, nice colors then. This is a simpler version.

The most important question is not answered: How does it taste?

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  1. Sadly, what tom & icy said is true (and this did give me a giggle). Many say that the box probably tastes the same as its contents. I have a particular connection with Shredded Wheat – through my granddad but I am yet to meet anyone else who eats it willingly – at least anyone outside the UK! It tastes like toasted wheat – I dont like particularly sweet breakfast cereal so if that is your thing, jump on in to it but dont expect a ‘taste sensation’ It is a very ‘sensible’ breakfast for those of us who don’t like much of a challenge in the morning.

  2. I never would have thought that shredded wheat would have created such interest!! I will take a picture of my cereal when my camera is charged again for you Mago so that you can see what it looks like.

  3. Of it’s own it’s a tad bland but not bad–has a slight nutty taste. I either like the mini-wheats with the light sugar frosting, or the big wheat biscuits with a little honey drizzled on top. Then it’s very tasty!

  4. I have only ever seen the miniature bite sized version. I find them too bland, but I am trying to retrain my palate toward healthier foods and shredded wheat is certainly healthy. Have you ever heard of puffed wheat? Kashi makes one. Equally as bland and healthy.

  5. MJThank you, but one size fits all, as Frank Z. saied.Tom & Icy“Half of the mattress” … eieiei …by-lamplight“Sensible breakfast for those … who don’t like much of a challenge in the morning”. Well saied.And thank you for the picture in advance.Cheesemeister“A slight nutty taste … with a little honey drizzeled on top”. Good to see you here. No pun intended.Raine“Always added sugar”.I do not know what happens when it gets x-rayed at the airport …LGS“Shredded cardboard … something healthy”. Thank you: That made it all clear! Eat it, it’s healthy – when you heard that as a child it was clear that something unspeakable was on the table …No, it can not be that bad! I am simply not used to the idea of this “cereal”-thing or porridge … I’ll stay with coffee and bread with jam. :)

  6. Eating porridge and shredded wheat is a taste best acquired in childhood. I make it interesting by adding such things as honey, brown sugar, banana pieces, raisins, etc. :)I cannot understand how Germans can eat salty oatmeal. I’ve noticed they love to serve it in hospitals. Yuk!

  7. portiaPuffed wheat? No. There is one “puffed daddy”, but I am not sure what that is about … “Puff” in German is a brothel.amandaOatmeal is “Haferbrei”? Oat is for horses. You are right, it is a totally different thing when a taste (or a smell) is connected with a memory, best from childhood and a not-bad one.

  8. *laut wiehernd* “Wie wär’s mit einem Ausritt, Fury?”First sentence in the unspeakable TV-series from stoneage “Fury, der schwarze Hengst” … No, I am with my grandad – oat is for horses. Maybe boiled oat is good for ill people, hence you find in hospitals, but maybe that is a result of the bad financial situation in the health-care-system … :)Haferplätzchen? Sounds healthy too … Müsli pressed in form … never had one. MAybe I should overcome these prejudices …

  9. Sounds like something Id like to rub my back into after a hard day. Nice and gritty. I wonder if there is money in making exfoliating baths from Shredded Wheat?

  10. knightandbabyYou need a giant bean-bag! I think the wheat-shred gets soggy and after a while it’s a big pulp – would be a little like these baths in moor or marsh.

  11. The world is okey when people can talk about oats and shredded wheat. Puffed wheat is okey also but I don’t know about the brothel bit. All that cereal needs something for flavor be it sugar or fruit. Any one like grits?

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