Shredded Wheat, basically what the word says, wheat wetted, shredded, formed and backed; comes in different sizes with different add-ons like sugar, honey etc.; normally served swimming in milk.
Is there a filled variation too?

Puffed wheat. Sorry for the foul joke about “puffed”. There is “Puff-Reis”, kind of blown-up-rice-crispy, comes in plain form or coated with chokolade, so I guess puffed wheat is made the same way. Never seen it, never heared about it before, of course never tasted it.

Oatmeal: Oat is “Hafer”, a Korn like Gerste, Weizen, Dinkel etc. It is horse-food normally, under some circumstances it is thinkable to be used for human nutrition, as in war-times; maybe “Haferplätzchen” / oatcookies are different. There may be other opinions. Oatmeal is cooked oat, that becomes slimy, hence the German name “Haferschleim”. That is served in hospitals in a salty variation – that induces that there is a sweet version too?

Grits: Unknown variation of unknown ingredients. Had a glance at wikipedia and it seems to be something of southern descent that gets nixtamalized.
[This is a very good example for my idea about “normal exotism” – what is a home-made translation for “Binnen-Exotismus”: Basically it says that the most exotic things are not to be found somewhere at the other end of the world (in a different and unknown cultural set of relations), but just here, where you are, in your and mine normality (in the parts of our “normal” cultural setting we just do not know or we are not conscious about), nixtamalized grits for example.]

Porridge: Remains a mystery. Years ago some scots re-cooked what was found in the stomach of a moore-corpse, it consisted of some old variety of Korn (DInkel), herbs and different things I do not remember – they summed it up as it would taste like their daily morning porridge. Does that mean that after having had porridge in the morning there is only the way to the bog left? Is it made from oat? What is in?

Muesli: Well … opinions differ on that. I do not want to go into the gruel details.

So we have wheat (Weizen), oat (Hafer), grit (Mais) – what leaves out only Gerste, barley as my dictionary says, Roggen, rye, and probably Dinkel, but I guess this is no longer cultivated – it had a kind of renaissance in Germany over the last years, it’s an old variety. From barley beer is made and rye gives a nice wiskey. But my breakfast changed over the years.
Some pictures would be nice!

Ceres is a very old goddess of agriculture, death and marriage. Very female. The Tusci knew here, the Greek (Demeter, Dionysos, Kore). The ethymology of her name leads to crescere (to grow), creare (to create) and cernere (to distinguish). So in a way you can start the day with some good thoughts and thanks to her when forking the wheat.


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  1. I thought puffed wheat never sounded so interesting until you associated it with a brothel! Oatmeal is the only one on your list I have ever been close with. It now comes in “instant” packages and in many flavors, but I try to stick with the healthy old original, maybe adding honey and raisins. Grits are something I was never forced to endure, so neither will my children, despite being raised in the south. Your story of porridge is again foul but so much more interesting, I won’t forget it! I will look for a picture or two…

  2. The Swiss Museli isn’t bad, at least not the variety I tried. Oatmeal tastes like horse food unless I add things to it, like brown sugar or honey and a little butter and then I guess it isn’t “healthy” anymore according to the purists. Why are things only healthy when they taste like a cardboard box? Although I actually like Cheerios, and really, they’re pretty bland when you think about it.

  3. We use some form of shredded wheat called ‘fada’ to make a sweet preparation using ghee, on auspicious occasions, another form called “sheera”.Breakfast is roasted wheat khakhras, from roti, so yes, there is a good reason to pray to Ceres.

  4. A cup of Yogart or cottage cheese, a cup of coffee and a toasted English muffin with butter and raspberry jam is my favorite standard. Although I do like FiberOne cereal. It looks like rabbit food, and some would argue it tastes like it too. Ha ha haI would Kheer for breakfast if I could Austere! Yum yumP

  5. PortiaPictures would be cool. Maybe I do a post about moore-corpses.CheesemeisterI also like to say Cheerio from time to time …AusterePictures? Please, I would very much like to see this.AmandaDie Haferschleimgeschädigten … Du bist stärker und gesünder als Du meinst. 🙂knightandbabyA silly one? I hope not everything is black in black.Proxima BlueHEI! Here you are – welcome back Proxima!Kheer?JayAh, Canadians … 🙂 Always doing it different. No ordinary “Knaeggebrod” for you, but the jam built in!DId you already get many letters?

  6. OK Mago – I have managed to take some pictures of my breakfast cereal which is lucky as it was the last piece in the package. It really does not look at all appetising but it is still a cereal I enjoy and it lasts me until lunch so for a gal on a diet this is a good thing! Have a great weekend.

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