The day started, well … Igor plugged in the boom-boom and I fell out of my bed, what is astonishing, because I have no bed but a mattress on the floor. I realized that I had a bad headache, for no special reason, it just hurt. And did not get better after two cups of coffee and more bonk from above. Than my neighbour got a kind of screaming-outburst. She is a young woman with two small kids, very friendly and caring, no reason to get nervous about that: I think it is normal for mothers to have the feeling of having enough and there is something like the “nappy of death”: When you look one time too often in your children’s shit and realize that this will take some more time. Well, it is normal and nobody kills the kids, at least in western Germany, in the East they are different. Her fit of screaming made another neighbour yell too and it became really funny. Then Mr Do-It-Yourself started to bang a hammer against the wall of his apartment, he lives in the room under me. He finally started some machinery for reasons unknown and I swear my floor was shaking. At this moment I was ready to kill. I once had a beretta, don’t ask, a small reliable little pistol, 7 mm, no nonsense affair, if I would still have it there would be some dead bodies now, Igor first. I was very close to point blank, as close as not for years. Had to go.
I do not understand how it is possible to listen to such garbage the whole day. It is just bonk-bonk, 4/4-“rhythm”, marching-music. Besides of rap, what is just plain nonsense, there is nothing as stupid as marching music: Switch out your brain, march to the slaughterhouse, be a hero, get a medal, it is plain stupid. Igor loves that shit. Why is he not going to some little war and gets lost? Or maybe a friendly grenade rips off some unnecessary limps? These rap-“musicians”, especial the German kind, are sometimes just boring or even funny: These assholes try to be “men” by posing as mean street-fighting hard-boiled gangsta-types. Heavens. Looking angry, getting a tattoo, calling women bitches or worse and brabbling about “respect” does not make an arse a rose or a boy a man. A man wears a suit, knows how to behave and calls an asshole an asshole if need be. And he NEVER wrings golden chains around his neck, that’s for pimps and these are worms.
Point blank, directed by John Boorman, starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson; the rest gets killed.

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  1. When your brain fails you is when you listen to stupid noisy music. There has always been a few that do “stupid” to show their individual power and lack of respect of the norm. Bad attention is still attention and some crave it and will do anything for it. Sometime no response is the best response.Oh for some jazz or quiet classical.

  2. JoyceThis noise makes me aggressive and I do not want to be.tom & icySeeing chaos is one thing – being forced to sit in the middle of it … Yes, I am alive again.RaineThank you. Hope you are well.Now up to some work – an article about the famous “Fischerstechen” wants to be written …

  3. I think that all the noise is the reason for the headache.I used to live in a downstairs apartment. The guy above me was nice enough, but young and kind of rowdy. He wanted to listen to his music with both the volume and the bass turned WAAAAYYYY up. I like rap if the songs have a point, but the stuff he listened to didn’t. I swear that in one song I counted 30 instances of the word “motherf*ck*r”Then there was the night that his girlfriend discovered that he had been cheating on her and she ripped him a new one. I saw him moping aroud the next day. I didn’t feel sorry for him–if he didn’t want to lose her, he shouldn’t have cheated on her.By compare, the trailer park where I now live is a mansion!

  4. lilyIgor is nor really rude – he doesn’t spit in the corner or such. He is actually friendly, but simply a noisy guy. He can’t even go down a concrete-stair without making noise – I saw and heard that, when the elevator was broken, nobody else can stomp on a concrete-stair that way. And he’s a big fan of volume, bumm-chack. He even pulls down the volume, but because he listens to the noise so long he gets used to the “normal” noise-level, so after two hours he cranks up the volume and says he just wanted to hear that song – after all he’s working on getting deaf. I do not mind, but I do not understand how to listen to that monotone nonsense! Music should be varied I think: Classic is boring to people that do not listen, it is full of variation and emotion. Jazz is always unique, Peterson Coltrane or Davies would have played a song always different – that IS just in this moment, that is the essence of it – not for Igor. For him it is boom.

  5. Likewise, peace. I awoke this morning to early bird calls, the night watchman striking the concrete and periodically calling out, “who’s there?”, the upstairs neighbour playing vishnu sahastranam at a very low volume so you’d have to strain to hear…Is the weather Ok for you to go for a walk?

  6. portiaThank you :) I think I will.austereThe birds are not yet doing this … it is this early hour before sunrise when they start their conversation in the bluish light – not yet but soon.It’s mild now, good to go.You will visit a temple today austere?

  7. All that gangsta crap with the chains comes from the blacks in America that value rappers, violence and no education just respect from fear. The white boys of Europe emulate it , times have changed and men in suits are now lawyers who look doon on everyone as do the wiggers with the sideways caps.Berettas are a good make, a few good things has come out of the country of cowards since the Roman empire.

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