Tried to load up photographs I took today, but blogger does not want that. The server manages to commit a “temporarily mistake” – what he managed this afternoon already … Achach I should write a last paragraph on my brainshattering text about “Fischerstechen”, tomorrow I’ll meet Dr. B. at ten in the morning … It is Sunday! There is sunshine! And now it is too late: My brain is melting. I wanna read or stumble through the web or just sit and watch, but not write … And now I even do not have the excuse that I had to show photographs to the world.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination?

  1. “Doc B.” is the (nearly) hundred year old. He was actually fit and we had a very productive hour. I will work for him tomorrow, write, change texts and put in corrections. Gave him my article, he will work through it, ein zäher alter Knopf, I admire him.Do not remind me of my real doc … maybe he says notschlachten … wants me to come and have some tests, bah!Good to have your comments here.

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