For Joyce

After some more tries blogger finally gave in and allowed me to get some photographs up. I took them some days ago while avoiding to write …

I do not know the names of these plants.

This a very small blue flower, I guess it is called “Ehrenpreis”. The blossoms are not larger then half a centimeter in diameter.

As I walked over a hill wind was blowing. The sun is already strong, the air is cold. Some rest of a plastic cover bound on a stick flapping and banging in the wind.

And some noble trees – until I had my camera ready the big black crow on top of the middle one spread its wings and elegantly curved away, calling me names …


8 thoughts on “For Joyce

  1. mago, The yellow flowers are daffidels. I probably mispelled the name but they are one of the first with crocus. They come up thru the snow. We are going to get snow tomorrow the weather man said. I loved the picture. there are now flowers here yet.

  2. daffodil = “Osterglocke” (bell of Easter) or “gelbe Narzisse”.“Crocus” was the name of a swiss heavy-metall-band cluttering along at the end of the 70s …I wait for a certain garden with blossoms bushes and trees I do not know, but all white. It is in the neighborhood I used to life a year ago, have to find an excuse to go over there … must be a sunny day …

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