Georgia on my mind

The cremlin said that it is over. The other man said a day before that it would be over, but nobody seemingly cared for. It is over when Russia says that it is over.
What was it then? A joint operation with air, naval and ground forces resulting in a classical “Kesselschlacht” leaving thousands dead, wounded or fleeing, cities destroyed, areas devastated – looks like war, smells like war, why not call it war. It was seemingly not declared and I can not tell who started that and why. And I guess the majority of my compatriots couldn’t either. I remember having heard some days ago that one politician brabbeled about his country fighting for Europe and the NATO. I do not know who nowadays all joined the NATO, but as I recall Europe ends at the Bosporus. Georgia (eng. ger.) is south of the caucasus. All these areas in the south of Russia were conquered in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Maybe you remember the name Potjomkin (ger. eng.), Catherine’s (Prinzessin Sophie Auguste Friederike
von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, Katharina die Große) lover and inventor of the “Potemkin village“. From the 18th century on until the wars in Chechnya this area was a hotbed of unrest.
Catherine and Potjomkin were no fools, they built an empire. And added a lot of islamic subjects (ger. eng.) to the double-eagle. Next to the area of Georgia eastwards the “Stans” follow, all part of what is called Eurasia. There is a magazin, here’s the link section for further read. And have a look at Al Jazeera English too, Asia Times online is also an interesting read.
Modern Russia faces similar problems as the rulers of the old Russia in the region and decided to go the way of strength: What is necessary to keep the empire (das Reich) together will be done. So old-fashioned regional small-scale war is back as means of politics.
Hopefully Europe can fulfill its position as negotiator and mediator and keep the cowboys out.


7 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind

  1. Horrible.Some guts. When the whole world’s attention is on neighboring China, to flaunt its military might in this fashion.Or was it a decided move,calculated, a return of the resurgent Russia?

  2. On top of this, the US plans to send some military “for humanitarian purposes” there. An accident waiting to happen if you ask me. Wonder if they would have done this for a country that <>doesn’t<> have oil pipelines.

  3. 63mago too tired to sign in says:

    These damn pipelines were built because of Western influences against the Russian interests. There is only one man to turn the screw … In the long run it will be the water that gives power, but until then it’s oil and gas. Nasdrowje.

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