Just so …

Someone turned the switch and autumn is here. Grey skies with fast clouds, rain and sunshine in quick alternation, an occasional rainbow, cool breezes. Birds are gathering, they’ll start their journey south soon.
I was lazy a bit but not entirely, do not know where days are gone, time flies. Wrote some applications, finished this and that, played around with ebay. Tomorrow I will travel a bit, into the heart of darkness, a “family thing”, annual gathering, peaceful I hope. I’m a guest, back on Sunday. Next week serious work has to be done.
I thank you all for the comments on the last post, I will answer individually and all your perspectives will be considered.
In the moment it’s a little like taking a breath, collecting and waiting for things to come. Maybe I’ll operate at night the next weeks as “man in blue” to earn money, maybe I’ll have to move somewhere else fast. Let’s see what that winter will bring, a kind of basic decision is necessary and immanent.

8 thoughts on “Just so …

  1. Hanging at the desk, tired and no place to go on the web, Igor bonking along in an endless loop, sancta simplicitas, no brew in reach … is that hell?

  2. I am just one person: Normally I go as “mago”, sometimes I sign as “63mago”. But I am no magician although Austere says so – what I like. This blog is written only by me, comments that link here are by me. Or did someone use my identity to scream out insults?

  3. ha ha ha.mago the magician has a mirror image clone. :)great expression- flipping a switch. We had two days of brilliant sunshine, so hard it hurts your eyes, and now viola! monsoon again.best with everything.moving again?

  4. Nights are cooler now, days are still hot but less hot. And it’s still dry as a freakin’ bone! We had one gully-washer and that was it. Rain makes me feel better. I wish it would rain.

  5. We are supposed to get down to the 30s tonight with a chance of a short period of light frost in low lying areas. No need to cover plants as it won’t last long. It seems the weather gets miserable now and when school starts it gets hot.

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