Sorry for the poor quality of the graphics. The “Non Sequitur” homepage can be found at That’s where I have my daily dose of “Calvin and Hobbes“; clicking around I came on Miller’s “Non sequitur”. Enjoy.


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  1. I did not follow exactly the development, but I heard that this bank burnt nearly 4 billions of dollares in one quarter of the year. And I heared that the American state (!) more or less took over two private financial organisations: So much for the all too good “free market” that “heals itself” and brings “benefit to all”. As I see the loss and depth become socialized, again; strangely enough “Gewinn” and “Erlös” never become socialized …A man told some days ago that he holds it to be possible that “we will see a lot of small gardens soon again” – where people grow vegetable and green things to eat, because of lack of money.AmandaThe elections seem to overlay everything, all seems to be put on “hold” now.I can not see that the situation in the last six months would have changed basically – or did it? Es ist ein wenig wie auf der schiefen Ebene, alles rutscht, langsam, aber von irgendeinem Moment an unaufhaltsam.

  2. Sorry for being such an un-educated person – but P is very impressed by your use of the phrase: “”Non Sequitur”” It is sooo bleedin’ impressive to see such a phrase as “Non Sequitur” being used in this educated way.Well doneAnd keep up the good workYou may be boring But by gawd your use of the phrase “Non Sequitur” makes you marginally interestingthanks

  3. Dear MaggotInsult you?But you have impressed The P – no-end.“Non Sequitur” is phrase P is going to use a lot more.As for not coming back? Well….it’s like this:If youre ego is that dented by my “Non Sequitur” comment then – it really is going to be fun insulting you even more.Ya Big-Nosed BabyHow was that?

  4. “No KidsNo petsNo sports”???Oh My Gawd…..a “man” without a soul.“No Kids” – pathetic…it’s kids and their parents who will pay for you in your dotage…whilst they are working (the kids) – you will be drawing your pension which they will be earning for you.“No pets” – what’s the bleedin’ problem with pets? Scared of getting bitten? You big baby.“No sports” – this is the worst of the lot. Were you the spotty little nerd reading the train spotters hand- book whilst all the normal kids were out playing sport?Sport is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. It is a gift given to the world by The British. The inventors of most sports. the Greatest Race known to mankind.Are you French by any chance? If you are – then that explains a lot.Oh – THIS IS FUN

  5. Mr. PeeFun? Everybody wants fun tonight … Don’t make stains on my blog.So you are a “sporty” pet “lover” who sends children to work in the mines. Peru, Uganda or maybe London will suit you well.British Super-race? Are you a re-incarnation of Eddie Hine? Or simply of Austrian origin?Anyway if you want to look for the limits, happy searching. Maybe I will take notice of you again.Or not.

  6. Mr Pee?Now that’s better Mago – a much better response to the nonsense of The P.Who is Eddie Hine?Are you French or German?I suppose they are the same – so it doesnt matter. They both live out of each others pockets these days.But the British? Ah – we disdain them both. The Super Race? Now – where have I heard that one before?All the best ..

  7. Well, I know Mr. Loser is not a reincarnation of Jim/Saby. He doesn’t use “u” in place of “you” nearly enough. And he doesn’t make sexual references. But he’s of the same ilk. A needle dick gnat-rapist with too much time on his hands and little brain to make good or even just harmless use of his surplus of time. What a waste of life force!

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