You have to love them …

Banks. Yes, always a pleasure. Phoned in at two, at three and at four. To hear at last that the mister has left the building, after that conference at two and these important customer talks. I know very well that I’m no premium-customer, but that the bloke does not have the balls to tell me in person that he won’t let out no money … no, I won’t forget.

16 thoughts on “You have to love them …

  1. I hate banks. I actually do my business through the cash express place instead. Don’t know if you have those where you are. The last bank I dealt with royally screwed me. When I found that I was going to get an overdraft fee, I hurried $50 into the account. They overdrafted me anyway. Then they kept hitting me with more overdraft fees until it was at $450 negative. Screw them, I was not going to pay it! It shouldn’t have happened. I can’t ever open another bank account till I do, but I can cash checks with the cash express place, I have a debit card, and I can transfer money into a savings account. Who needs banks? Greedy bastards!

  2. The problem here is that you can not exist without a “Giro”-account, you can’t even get money from social security without that account. There are different types of banks but the normal mate like us goes to a “Sparkasse” – they can not refuse to have one as customer. Other banks, especial the private ones, set a limit you have to pay in, mostly 5 thousand Euro. No cash, no customer. I was with the Sparkasse for 20 years, In the 20th I finished a job and got no prolongation anymore, so the regular cash did not come in for some months. The arse in charge told me to zackzack come to his desk and explain – I wanted to go over a limit with 50 Euro.So I balanced and went to the same stupid arrogant business, this time in blue, called VR-Bank (the colour of Sparkasse is red). That is the farmer’s saving specialists …Fact is that you can not exist without at least one account here. Believe me, if I had money these bastards would not see one dime of it. Especially in times like ours today, when you do not know whether the damn bank is still existing tomorrow.

  3. no balls ehe? I should develop that new product I’ve been thinking of, “lesballs.” I never thought it could help someone who isnt wearing them. :)

  4. They now have the attitude they are boss and can do anything they darn well please and if they go down our government will make them good again at least in the states. They figure they can do the customer any time and any way. But I have a chastity belt (symbolic) if they come close to me.

  5. I went through a rough patch myself once and had to pay back on a promissory note to get my account back with many extra charges of course. Then since I did not have an account, they charge you to cash your paycheck if you don’t have an “active” account with them. I hope they get roasted for all this current crap going on!

  6. Oh. The morons.No money, no service- that’s true everyplace in the world.Our markets are sinking and crumbling- that’s all my retirement money gone. Now down 70% since January.

  7. I have found Postbank to be a much better choice for us “little people.”One can even apply for credit (and receive it) without talking to a single soul.As for the officials bunkered in the rat-house… :P

  8. JoyceYes, I doubt that it is a good idea to save the banks – it is good to save the people’s money the put in the banks, but the banks itself?ProximaStart the grill! :)AustereThat sounds horrible! Is there nothing you can do?AmandaPosztbank and Deutsche are in some way connected now, diden’t Ackermann buy Postbank? I will have a look at it.OutsiderYOU have money? You can do international transfers too? Want my account details? :))AustereHorrible – do you have the possibility to buy now? If shares are falling and you can have stocks of large companies for small money, why not buy? The trouble will calm down in a time, maybe it takes some months, but you can not look at it melting away. And large companies will not entirely collapse. Sepcialized small ones will tumble, but their value is there and stays.Sorry for the babble, but that is all that comes to my mind. I loved my Indonesian bank shares … :))

  9. Höhö … now security has to be restored .. oh shit I hate that job. Tomorrow is “open house Day” at the main customer of the firm I work for, what means standing around for six hours doing nothing else then looking serious. Maybe directing cars or something like that. Jausa …Up I go.

  10. Hi Mago.The best blue chip companies are collapsing. We have quite tight regulations, etc- but that does not seem to help.To file and shut for 5 years.I hope your meeting was interesting, should be a change if nothing else.

  11. Next five years storing dime on dime, rupeeh on rupeeh … the majors collapsing? It is worse than I thought and understood!I served in the middle of nowhere, collected autumn leaves and watched birds (Rotkehlchen und verschiedene Meisen – I love these featherballs!) – nothing happened. I was gratulated for watching the birds volunteerely a little longer, working overtime … it is all – everything seems to have a little “dang” nowadays … too less sleep the last days.

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