A Man in full

Thank GOd, it’s over.
For now. Stairs up, stairs down, checking doors, locks and IDs; sending people from place to place, moving constantly from “Bereich” to “Bereich”, like a satellite; walking in these lovely super-heavy-duty-protection-boots size 10 over concrete, stones and mud; locking areas for trespassers where sophisticated devices should start working – only to find strangers trespassing after two hours, of course with muddy and dusty boots in a clean lab area; fighting stubborn electricians that speak something supposed to be German – but these cruel Saxonian dialects are not understandable outside their villages, they insist on using that kind of “language” – they are hired because they work for an apple and an egg. Poor Russians that do not understand nothing but work like horses and shyly ask where the exit is …

I met one of the most interesting men I ever encountered up to this day in my life. His father came as soldier into a country, survived the slaughter and – what is the greater achievement – the time as pow. Litteraly at the end of the world he met a woman who was deported there because of her origin, what happened to be his too. They married and the man deceided to stay. They had two sons, the older is the man I met.
He always was the stranger. In school, while studying. His parents died early and he grew up more or less on his own. He joined the army and became an officer. In a way this army may have been a kind of “Heimat”, I do not know. He is relatively small and has a classic profil: In fact he is the first man I met who really has that kind of profile you know from Greek vase-painting. Close to sixty he’s faster at his feet than me. He is curious, interested in history, philosophy and politics. He grew up bilingual but for the most time of his life he did not use the family-language, he “awakes” it. He works hours without end because he (as myself) gets paied for the single hour.
He leads. Without ado or something. The men do accept him. He could lead a damn regiment. MAybe he has. If it is possible to solve the task he will do it. And you know that he demands nothing he would not do himself. Many men came to him with papers they did not understand or could not read. He does not rule, he keeps things together defining the limits. It was very informative to see him work. A true professional. A rare breed.


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  1. I appreciate the way you describe this man. It seems that there are still people to respect. It makes me smile in a way that is a kind of admiration. I used to want to be this way (humble and strong.) Now, that is no longer seen as “success.” I dont know what is though. Something about confidence or boastfulness.

  2. SavannahHe is. I made the construction site and am running around in Nurnberg now.KnightandbabySee that he is sixty, he had a whole life to become what he is now.AustereYes. Especially when I compare him to young men I have to deal with now.JoyceThank you. Yes I found the needle in the haystack. Or the diamond in the dung.AmandaYou bet!OutsiderHe is. In a way he is an independent unit.

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