Forgot somethin … ?

Let’s see … hat, muffler, thick navy-style sweater … Borges paperback, new magazine of WIssenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft (damn, I should do my year’s order), diskette (yeah, the “Disketten-Laufwerk” is alive, at least at my working place, good that I kept some). A good cup of coffe prepared by the Hungarian Queen of coffeemachines, the quint-essence of any bean sqeezed in my cup – it would start the space-shuttle, maybe it does.
It’s flucking cold outside, I am sure tomorrow a silver-white mist (ein Hauch – what a wonderful word!) will be seen over all things outside. The Hyundai will get it’s winter tires, just in time. Driving – where’s my Saint? Yes, in the pocket of the shirt. And the ring, die Woschtfingerla werrn äwwer noch digger? “Gold gab ich für Eisen” – not THIS one Wilhelm!
It should be a calm night, enough time to read and produce a “Lesefrucht” – florilegium, Blütenlese, I do not know the English expression. It is a collection of remarkable snippets of text, thoughts. And Borges is always good for something. I seemingly did not yet write about him. Tomorrow.
Night first.

Postscriptum 19th of November
Too late for Jorge Luis Borges. Tomorrow. Another timeless night.


7 thoughts on “Forgot somethin … ?

  1. It is cold here to so I am staying in house unless I have a morning like yesterday. Recieved a call right after I woke. My neighbor called and said that she had to go a few places and did I want to ride along. I had to be ready in 15 minutes. Sure!I was ready and waiting. No breakfast, no pills,not even a cup of coffee but I did many thing and I was a happy camper. Warm car and only left it a few times. Great way to start a day.

  2. The night was very calm, nothing unexpected happened. Found some nice texts from Borges.It’s in the evening now and I’ll sleep some hours. Frayday is free and the weekend will see me turn my rounds. I slowly shuggle into the rhythm. Hope I can read tonight.Joyce, that sounds like a jumpstart into the day! And why not: Get up, the chauffeur is ready to drive your warm coach around. Up there in the north you have already snow? I hope your house is ready for the coming winter. I have an idea that it will be a strong one.

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