Love the answering machine!

“Call at the end of coming week, then we will be able to tell you more. Thank you.”
The “end of coming week” is now, Frayday the twentyfirst of November, I called at eleven o’clock before midday, a time most people in bureaus sit at their desks wondering about the coming break and what to eat, or when they will finish their week’s hard work in the afternoon – from two post meridiem onwards most people go into the weekend. But not at the “Ministery of laziness” I have to deal with, they start their answering machines already on Frayday morning.
My first contact with them dates back to February this year. Some months later the project was cancelled in the old form and re-published in a new form with minor chages. I sent in what I had to sent and recieved a paper that saied “Thank you, I got the papers.” That was in August. Three months later they still have no idea what will be done. As I heared there a three different bureaus involved, different authorities have to be asked about their precious opinion, and they sent it per mail – not electronic mail with a scanned pdf attached, but mail with a stamp on it: From A to B, back to A, to C, back to A, maybe C and B have some written conversation in between – nono, no electronics in the super technology leading south of Germany, a horseman will do.
The project was meant to start “zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt”, what normally reads as “as soon as possible” or simply “jump!” – hell! After nine months you have a phone-contact, what a sickening speed!


11 thoughts on “Love the answering machine!

  1. doesn’t it make you wonder how they function, not only as an entity, but as human beings? i do hope there’s resolution for y’all soon, sugar! xoxoxoxoxox(just because i think you need a few extras!)

  2. I just tried to call the phone company to find out about switching my wireless plan. Verizon bought Qwest Wireless, I think. But it really doesn’t matter. The point being that since it’s Sunday, they don’t employ anyone to answer the phone. I’ll have to remember to call tomorrow. Grrrr…

  3. AustereI know someone who knows someone. I pulled any string I could get. Hopefully not too much. Nevertheless – mister x, professor z and official y want to say something …LilyIt’s too expensive to have people work on Sundays I guess. Maybe people themselves will become too expensive and machines and speech-based computer programs will do …

  4. They are like the doctors…much too sure of themselves and their ability of receiving Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free.One can only hope the economic tsunami will burst their bubble too…

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