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28th of November, evening
The slaughter seems to be over. A lot of false clues, quick answers … Nobody knows things for sure. A very close search and analysis has to and – I am sure – will be done. This is urban warfare and when it indicates what is possibly to come – nobody can see the social, sociological, political and economical results of this action. Who can have an interest in destabilizing India, in fuelling the simmering and often enough open arguments between states in this region? Is it simply a demonstration a la “look what we can do, we are there”? The only thing that is sure at this point in time is that nothing will be the same after this. It is not the time for quick and short-sighted decisions, military actions and revenge: War would be the terrorists victory.


9 thoughts on “Mumbai

  1. AustereJa.LilyThere’s nothing to be saied. Now.A long night ahead, additional hours, someone became ill or something. Somewhere in the deep vaults of my unorganized library there should be an exemplar of the “Information for political education” by the gouvernment, about India. Reading for this night.

  2. I noticed unusual movements in the international money flow the day before. Billions of dollars were making a flight to safety. Always a bad sign. Whoever bought those Staatsanleihen knew that something was going to happen.

  3. LGSAt the moment I find Borges’ idea of the lottery comforting.AmandaCARAMBA! Shortly before and after the airplanes hit the towers there were strange reactions too. Wonder whether this took place at London and Madrid too. Surely not at the Bali-bombing because the local Indonesian market was already in the sewers.

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