Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr 2009.

24.12.08, 23:55
It’s around midnight now, the night is quiet and clear, almost no wind. No cars, no noise, the house is quiet. From my balcony I look into a small valley and little red lights flicker, form a kind of pool, the local cemetery. I enjoy a glass of wine, the evening was relaxed, without tensions, we cooked together, not too much and to everybody’s satisfaction, friendly conversation, peaceful. I enjoy it as long as it may last.
Peace to you all.


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  1. That sounds nice. I wish I had bought more red wine before we got snowed in. At least i made I really good French onion soup with Guiness beer to help keep us warm.We have electric baseboard heaters and old drafty windows. If we’re lucky, we can save up money and get some new windows in a year or two.A very Happy New Year to you, dearest Mago!Prx

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