When you hear the word:


What comes to your mind?

No matter whether you are a regular reader here or a passer-by, please take one minute and write down what kind of picture or image this word evokes in your head.


15 thoughts on “Poll

  1. Proxima says:

    I’m thinking Hungaria the country, similar like I think of Germany like Germania. Women used to wear similar “folk” outfits. White ruffled bodice with bright colored design on front, matching brightly colored full skirts. While most think of Gypsies in Romania, I believe Hungaria has a sizable Gypsy population. Dispora is a bitch.Aside from that, I do not know any particulars of the country. Hungarian sounds rough like Deutsch and Austrian. They shared a common history centuries ago at some point I would guess.Prx

  2. Proxima says:

    correction: <>Diaspora<> is a bitch.commonly referred to the scattering of the Jews from Palestain, but appropriate term for any minority group that have no specific nation-state to call home.Prx

  3. I imagine Lepke Pillango, our Hungarian friend on facebook who comments on Blogger as Ariel and posts pictures as Icegrapefruit on flickr and goes by Gabriella on her email. She lives in Budapest.

  4. Makes me think of Hungry too. And Kostolany. And Soros.PS. Dude, you need to get < HREF="" REL="nofollow">your speakers fixed.<>

  5. Until one hour ago my trail of thoughts went like this:University of X., Institut for Germanistics, library, fixed position, mooove …As I learned said hour ago the wife of a member of the institute won, while being no natural speaker and no “Germanist” (both required) but very attractive. Another waste of thought and paper.That was that.

  6. Damn…I hate it when this happens. Was talking with one of those cockroaches from the gubbermint yesterday, when it sort of slipped out that his <>wife<> had a similar job there. I mean, what are the odds? I doubt they met at work. *eyeroll*

  7. ProximaGood to see you ride again.You see first an impersonation, Mrs. Hungaria. Then come women in colourful clothes and gypsies.RaineFirst the word and the phonetic connection to “hunry”, what causes goulash.FNSomething to eat as cultural indicator, then some clothing. And some trees I do not know of.T&IA person, Lepkele, and where she lives, Budapest.The first mention of a a location.AustereBusiness and economic related thoughts, and pride.MJThat’s what they call themselves: Magyar.AmandaFirst the word association, then business related but with persons. Kosto is dead, Soros still kicking (some of my friends haben von seiner Stiftung profitiert)SavannahAn overview.LGSYou have been there, you connect real places and memories with it.ProxIt’s the sound card.MagoYeah dude, that was the idea – for a minute I was really ready to pack – an other adventure gone by.AmandaMembers of groups help each other – some time ago it was called Vetternwirtschaft and bad, now it is called networking and good.LilyEat me!SavannahDear, I really hope that things will go well at the plantation. And there is not much more than kindness I can offer.

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