Screw Hungary. They even do not have a language there, as in language to understand. SO what we have here now are texts texts texts, read this correct this can we print now? Aw Jesus go on and print if you want, Idon’tcareanymore … did I ever mention that I am a member of a board of editors? WHat an HONOUR! In fact it means to correct texts in different states of corruption. YES, I know, their German is better than my Hungarian, but that does not help now. Goddam night shifts do NOT help either.

If you write an article or an essay in a scientific yearbook for example, you should first have an idea about what you want to write. There should be an argumentation, a trail of thoughts. One uses footnotes to give the sources of formulations, thoughts or ideas that come from other people, out of other texts. And for heavens sake: If you use say an original text, a source-text, you use the best available edition and you carefully write down where you found what. The same goes for some enyclopedias – does anybody here know the Pauly-Wissowa RealEncyclopedie? It fills a goddam 6 meters of shelves and … ahfugetaboutit …

Translation is always bad. It is very hard to write a text with some attitude in a forein language, it is usually hard enough to express thoughts and theories in the natural language properly: And that’s it all about! You have do work properly, cite correctly – I want to see clean work! I want to see at least the beginning of professionalism! At least in an area where I know the game.
Anyway. There is the translated text. And any goddam relation from subject to praedicat is just wrong, schief – in a way one has to reconstruct what the auctor wanted to express.
Doht’s fun.
Especially when you do NOT get paied for that work – BEcause IT IS HONOUR!


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  1. The cat will mew, and the dog will have its day. A building inspector in an urban slum will write a stack of notes six meters high. Then the administrators will complain because he uses too much paper and cut his pay.

  2. MagoShut up and stop whinging.Tom and IcyYeah, there is too much writing in the world.AmandaFriends. Honour. Once in the year I can come over and jump in a vat of Balinka. They pay in naturals because they have no cash.Mrs. PouncerHello and welcome, thank you for your first comment. Ihr Deutsch ist ausgesprochen gut. Scheitern ist keine Option – diese verdammten Texte werden GUT sein!In your profile I read the names of interesting directors, but missed Alexander Kluge – you do not like his work? Simply curiosity.AustereYes, I try. It’s not finished yet. Have to take the last text with me and work through it this night.LGSExactly, but not just one case. As natural German speaker my job as member of the board is to care for the German texts. The authors are Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians etc. The texts come in different states of translation; the topics range from religious history of the Carpaths to empirical (cultural-)geographical data-collection. It is all very interesting, but a lot of work and they ALWAYS come just a few days before deadline. This date varies from year to year, it is even possible that no volume is produced because of lack of funds. When I see under what economical circumstances these people keep up scientific work, teaching and research, I become terribly upset with the moaning and vincing of German students and the immoderate and self centered attitude of some academic circles – if someone uses the word “excellence” in my presence again for German scientific work in the field of the Geisteswissenschaften, I’ll either start shouting insult or vomit over the place. Money does NOT create intellect, attitude and identification.Das Pack hat keine Haltung mehr. For example the classical text “Geisteswissenschaft als Beruf” is naturally unknown to the students – but the teaching personal do not know it, let alone having read it.‘nough said, I have to cook.

  3. Proxima says:

    What is this dual conciousness of replying to yourself, you are not turning into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are you? (orig. novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, not crazy remakes. Talk about taking liberties with the original text, did they even read the meaning of the words? No, just a vehicle for their own crazy thoughts upon the coattails of someone else’s reputation.)Prx

  4. ProximaIt’s early in the morning, I come from my shift – and ohoh the transformatiooon … … ppfffHulk sleep now.Olde KnudsenYou always have a drain of dough … yeahyeah, explains the stains.Slavs do write, not with a pencil but with them fists!SavannahHope things are a little better at the plantation. Help me please, what means “to exercise an honour”? I’m dumb, I’m Franconian.

  5. I’ve got nothing against natural payment. It’s a good and honorable thing. But lets be honest. Cleaning up texts under time pressure is worth at least a couple of ounces in precious metalics. Lets not even mention the psychological damages.

  6. When it rains it pours. One hour ago I drove home another, young, friend, who wrestled with his first scientific work for some time. Guess it is unnecessary to mention that his deadline is today, at 11:00 to be exact. It’s corrected, edited, finished, clean print, full program, but don’t ask. Thank God the language was German, and only some Latin I did not have to care for.It always has been this way and it always will be this way. They come at 5 to the hour, no matter whether they had half a year or six weeks or one week to prepare, they do not get along and need help. If you do that long enough you know that all that can go wrong, will go wrong – not in one case, but believe me I saw it all now. Best was a guy some years ago who had deadline at the end of the week and presented a heap of notes, really good. Collapsing printers, faulty formats, wrong pictures, bad sector on the hard drive, you name it. It all goes well as long as the guy (I do not want to say customer, it is after all no business, but I wish it was) does work with you and not against you. I was one time close to murder when a bloke who could NOT write a straight German sentence re-did our corrections and turned clean writing into a shitty mess – again! But even this arse got his degree, unbelievable in closer inspection … Don’t believe that I will see a proper pay for the night’s work, maybe some hours at the pool table and a beer or two. And there’s always the yearbook left, but just one last article … I hear the editors vince …

  7. Mago,Gee whiz, i haven’t read such a good rant since I worked. I have kept a copy of my best rant when i gave it to the big bosses then wrote it so they would know I meant every word. I even made copies so each one would have their own. I never regretted doing it. Hang in there and stick to your guns.

  8. Finished. Thank goodness that this night was uneventful at the main post and the computer worked well, just sent the last mail. Coffe, news, my bed … aw, heaven’s near …

  9. JoyceHehe, I do believe that you can deliver a good rant!PortiaHello Dear, I think I became a little better. You are twittering a lot, don’t you?AmandaHey – I’m not ponding! And do not look at this mop …LeahA little wine helps. And when things really get desperate … it’s always running against the clock. For proof-reading I need a clear head. Best thing in re proof reading that happened: A friend of mine wrote his doctoral thesis in chemistry, they deliver only small booklets, some explaining text, especially about the method (MethodE in German!)and a lot of formula. I asked him to give me the text for proof-reading – no way, unnecessary, pfff … He came with the first exemplar to me the evening before deadline to flash it around. First page, first sentence he wrote about the “Rietveld-Method” he used, throughout all 90 pages, I checked. He turned very white and run into the night: He had 20 copies, bound, with pictures … don’t know how they did it but he delivered the next day.Am dead tired, that’s why I rattle on and on

  10. That’s how Mistress MJ orders a foot massage. A demanding person, high maintenance. She wears petticoats and has houseboys. She’s a kind of female “Pasha”. Hard to decide and describe what makes her charme, but she has some tons of it.

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