Welt 3 – I

No, not third world. Third world (Dritte Welt, tiers monde) dates back to the French demographer Alfred Sauvy’s (Eng., Ger.) article from 1952 in L’Observateur “Trois mondes, une planete”. He describes and categorizes circa 130 states as economically underdeveloped in comparison to the “First” and “Second” world, that could roughly be equaled with “The West” and “The East” – remember we are right in the Cold War at the beginning fifties. Later the “blockfree states” (Ger., Eng.) led by Egypt (Nasser), India (Nehru), Indonesia (Sukarno) and Jugoslawia (Tito) referred to themselves sometimes as “third world”, but this use of the phrase did not really get accepted.
“Welt 3” refers to the “Drei Welten Lehre” * von Sir Karl Popper (Eng., Ger.). Sir Karl may best be remembered for his thoughts about science itself (Wissenschaftstheorie: Falsifikationismus (Ger., Eng.), society (Gesellschaftstheorie) as given in his book “Offene Gesellschaft” (Ger., Eng.) and his role in the “Positivismusstreit” (Ger., Eng.). He is seen as founding figure of a philosophical direction called Kritischer Rationalismus (Ger., Eng.).
A science consists always of its own history – and strangely enough in this “cultural science” called Volkskunde no reception of the great thinkers ideas took place since they were first formulated in the end-sixties. To my eternal shame I have to confess that I covered Popper in my seminar only regarding the “open society” and the “Positivismusstreit”, in the shady and lawless border areas to sociology – sociologists, what do they know?
M. Scharfe is the first who attempts to use Popper’s thoughts in his outstanding book “Menschenwerk”, to what I was referring here.
I am too tired to explain “Welt 3” now, it will follow suit.

P.s. Here‘s the Stanford article about Popper.
* This “article” is a stub. But gives an interesting link leading to Popper’s lecture given 1978 about the “Three worlds” in Michigan (pdf, 27 pages).

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  1. MJYou already do, Mistress.Tom and IcyHahaaa … don’t let them hear it, you will end up in some “panel”, group, milieu or another category that explains nothing. To be fair, whisks can be found anywhere.

  2. Popper…Popper…”falsifiability”?…you bring back such fond memories…a little hazy, lodged in the way back of my subconscious…much like everything I learned in graduate school…Anyway, I come here to tell you, with no great pride, that I, sir, am a <>sociologist<>; make of <>that<> what you will…

  3. My thesis…hmm…how to summarize the dreary bit of research..it’s half public policy, half ethnography: something like “management and attrition in rural police departments.” The rural police department part of it is fascinating; the management part of it less so…

  4. And me, an Anthropologist with a fascination about death? Kind of like a moth sitting on the rim of a volcano.As for also being a Writer, sometimes I think of it more as an acceptable mental condition then an actual occupation. Maybe if it actually helped pay some bills I would feel different.Prx

  5. Leah“management and attrition in rural police departments.”Had to look up “Attrition” and am not quite sure that I understand it: It is translated as a kind of “schrumpfen”, what means that soemthing becomes smaller – is it about when people leave their positions, about fluctuation; or is it about how people get kind of “used up” or “worked up” with/from/by their jobs?Where are these Police departements? In the countryside, thank you, but in Northern America, in Southern America, in some special areas that are very rural – what defines that by the way? An empirical study? So how to get data? Doing interviews with police chiefs? “Joh, Charly didn’t get it any longer so we gave’im the gun …” You have some historical data to compare? Like: From June 1856 to September 1878 the cause of attrition in Hanksville was bullet wounds 100 % – seriously it’s the question about the sources. I am curious!ProximaSadly enough it pays no flucking bills. Who’s that Bill anyway? He doesn’t wear a star does he? How are you Proxima?

  6. Leah, it’s Savannah’s beloved husband who is regularily working somewhere in Africa. What do lovers have when they are apart, separated … they can look at the moon … she sees the man in the moon …

  7. Oooooohhhhh. See, somehow I knew to come over here. And you haven’t failed me. Now that I’ve revealed myself to be crabby and unromantic elsewhere, I can salvage what’s left of my good name…Still…As for my dissertation, I have to marshal my thoughts on that. You know how it is when you’re working on something and you can hardly see it clearly anymore. That’s how it is for me. But if you’re really interested, perhaps more anon…at your own peril…And one more thing: “Forgotten NY” is neat, I checked it out. Many things on that website from my neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights. Old cobblestones, for instance. We have them right outside my house.

  8. “perhaps more anon”What does that mean? Do not forget, you talk to a Franconian: Some people here do not even believe that Franconia even exists …Yes, the catch of the week – I should go and get some new one.I have an email adress.Yer good name! HA! It’s blogtown … where you learn to weight words …

  9. anon–just means “shortly” in Old English–I’ve now visited your blog more in a day than I’ve visited any other blog practically ever, well I exaggerate a bit… Something about the Popper just drew me in…

  10. I thought it to be some short form of “anonymous” and thought you’d prefer some more private conversation line about your dissertation – the questions still loom – I AM curious.And tired.Karl Popper and Ludwig Wittgenstein once battled it out in Oxford … I’m with Karl, Ludwig’s a fool. Anyway, these old fights are just history, new people, new thinking (no new thoughts, find out yerself).I’d like to hear about your work, really. Sociologist, phew …

  11. As long as we are friends, I am good.No stars named “Bill”, I would have gone supernova on his ass by now.I just feel really overtaxed by the U.S. governemnt and angry that they would turn around and give it to manipulative fat cat bankers who should have been allowed to fail. That a Republican would do it for them further proves these two parties aren’t much more then lifeless puppets. One thing they both agree on is shutting out any viable third-party candidates.My dad and I were thinking we should run as Libertarians candidates, but the party has a tendency to attract some pretty crazy nutjobs we’d rather not be associated with.Ack, you made me rant. For shame Mago!Prx

  12. MJ!I’m not looking for a free foot massage, I’ve got more highbrow delights in mind–for instance, that Mago read to me from Popper and Wittgenstein in a sexy growly voice…right Mago?

  13. SavannahI prefer the romantic explanation :)Who or what is that Alan Rickman you talk about, I have to find out.MJShe wants to discuss sociological stuff ‘n things, learn about teilnehmende Beobachtung and interviews with tabacco chewing Southern sheriffs and marshalls and find out all about .38 specials. She has a strange interest in cobblestones, Belgian Blue maybe …ProximaI do not feel ashamed. It is good to hear that you are with your father. I hope that he is well and stable – he is? The streak for independence is in the family, hm? I did not know that there is something like a third party in Northern America! Liberals? The German Liberals have given that political direction a very bad name over the last years, so I hope the American counterparts have a good reputation and something to show up!LeahHigh-brow delights? Well … don’t think of my voice as sexy. I can purr like a fat content cat, but it’s been a while. And to make the “tractatus” “sexy” … generations of philosophical teaching assistants didn’t afford that. By the way what is “Canarsie”?

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