A Book

Yes. What else?
“Wer zwei Paar Hosen hat, mache eines zu Geld und kaufe dieses Buch!”
“Who possesses two pairs of trousers shall convert one into cash and buy this book.” G.Ch. Lichtenberg wrote that. I recommend a wounder-full book that accidentally fell into my hands last week:
Philipp BLOM: Sammelwunder, Sammelwahn. Szenen aus der Geschichte einer Leidenschaft, Frankfurt am Main 2004 (Die andere Bibliothek 229).
The original edition was published 2002 in London:
To Have and to Hold. An Intimate History of Collectors and Collecting. And because Philip BLOM is an educated man he translated his own book by himself.
It’s one of those you either despise or adore. It leads deep into European cultural history of the Early Modern Time (Frühe Neuzeit), when sometimes somehow somewhere the Middle Ages ended more or less and sooner or later something new emerged. If you have a nerve for things today seen as a little remote or strange, well: Sell that trousers!

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  1. I begrudge Blom this book, meet many persons and things I know and of course many new, ach … so many things that should be taken on, so many possible projects, texts, things to be discovered … if this fucking stupid job has one good aspect it is that I can read undisturbed from 11 to 4, but sometimes I just stare in the night trying to vanish

  2. well i assume those are probably not your normal reading hours.. nice book you’ve chosen though. i would probably love it. i have to keep myself from collecting EVERYlastTHING for potential posterity.

  3. PortiaThinking back I find that I from my early teens onwards always stayed up late and liked the night. For years I went to bed around three in the morning. The hours from eleven to two were my most productive, when I could concentrate best. In this respect it is no change, sadly I can not (or do not want to) write there on this machine and I have no net-access.Collecting is a disease. It can get overwhelming. And believe me, there is no-thing that does not get collected somewhere by somebody.Dr. B. collected books his entire life. He assembeled a really good library that of course mirrored the collector’s interests. Fra reaching and “remote”, like “Globenkunde” – the science of globes and maps.He sold it. I stood in awe when I saw it and we talked about it. He saied with the wisdom of his nearly one hundred years on this planet: “It comes together, but it also separates again – wörtlich: Es ballt sich zusammen, aber es tritt auch wieder auseinander. What he saied, meant and understood is that all human is temporarily. He waits for and daily expects his own separation, departure.But the thoughts of an old man at the step of his grave – is that something for a beautiful blossoming young mother in a new house, where everything is a new beginning?The posterity always starts a new. Looks at things ( and I mean real things, Dinge) in a new way – I see with astounding how things from the seventies or eighties now are seen and valued totally different, be it designs, coulours and colour schemes … it is a constant re-evaluating. World 3 is real!

  4. and 5 minutes ago, you were sending greetings of joy for me! you are too kind, sugar, thank you. ;) xoxox(i have a title you might like, i’ll get all the info and email it to you.)

  5. You know, I sold my trousers and ordered this for my mother for her birthday. I shall read it, though, before I give it over…and p.s. I’m commenting here and it’s 4:30 in the morning, my time…

  6. SavannahFive minutes ago – yesterday – I appeared slightly careening like a sailor at your table, raised my glass for a cheerio and splat it in the little lake of wine I scatterbrainedly created on the commode.LeahWhat about the evidence?Amanda“S’Röckle” ! Kah’sch au Schwäbisch schwätze’? The exemplar of the Würzburg public library is still in my hands.MJAnd in again.

  7. My throat is sore and rough, my head hurts and I’m in no good mood. No hangover, just a goddam’ cold that doesn’t go away. Think I’ll spent the night reading.

  8. I do believe it. And I can understand to a great extent. For me, wasting something that might be useful or interesting to somebody is not an option. Beyond that which I understand, I just aim to accept. I have always been fascinated by the simple everyday things from the past, especially the books, journals and albums. So I’ve never parted with such things easily, even though they’re just things, for the possible interest it might hold for a collector in the next century.That is not the silly part.I also collect the most ridiculous little pieces of what are effectively trash for any future potential art. This I need to stop. Wine corks. Itty bitty crayons too small for even the smallest hands to use. I have to convince myself to throw away the shreddings from the pencil sharpener! Oh my. I may just come delete this one day. There is posterity and then there is posteriority:)You and your thoughts! I highly doubt you are at the step of your grave. Regardless your words are full of worth for me, someone who’s always searching.Stay warm + feel better soon.

  9. I have the same cold, it started yesterday. How did that happen?I collect folklore and fables, gargoyles, yokai (English wikipedia page is so-so, disagree with the representation that yokai are inherently evil),fetishes of forest protectors…or maybe these things collect me–a part of my imagination at any rate.Prx

  10. I am ALL OVER THIS mago. that is exactly the kind of thing I read. years ago i had a job that allowed me the same kind of uninterrupted reading time. it was almost worth more than what they were paying me just to be able to have that time to concentrate.I’ve got the same nocturnal setting, too. to this day thats when i want to be out and about and doing. not such a good idea here in cougar country, though!

  11. FirstNationsYou “are all over this mago”? What does that mean? Something nasty I guess :)KahlessIsn’t it?? Welcome back! You finally came back from the land of “Ole” – just in time to built another snowman I think!AmandaTabellenkalkulation is for the weak – I simply can not use that. I just have them books on the shelf and what reaches the end of the shelf must go back.Lily S.ugly – shmugly.The cold is persistent, does not want to go away. I feel like die Henne unter’m Schwanz – yes another powerful rural image of speech. Thankfully I have no work next week, so all the things on this desk can be cared for, letters must be written. Just some hours tonight and then rest. Could sleep without end, but that will come soon enough.

  12. Thank you. Sleep would be nice. “Meine Seele ist schwer, das Ziel ist ferne”. Jessas I’m gettin’ pathetic. Some serious self-medication would come handy.

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