The Bus slogan generator came from Piggy via MJ to me. No magic bus ride for me this weekend, no bbblue bus, and yes, Priscilla just broke down – ha, what a drag …


7 thoughts on “Vrroum

  1. AmandaDeine altrömische phase? :))MJHope the coach is still there on Monday morning. Have some nervine … Must have been a morphium-based thing. I think Bayer used to sell morphium-based tablets and in other forms as sleeping helpers before WWI, later they replaced it with heroin because morphium let to addiction, you know?Horse-based medicaments were legally sell- and buyable in Western Germany until the end of the 1950s.JoyceI hope too – you mean my comment at your site? You ARE cool!LilyI very much like it. Was pondering whether to write “dessert” for the Sahnepudding; Nonnenfürzle (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Nonnenfuerzle.jpg) is a “Brandteig” … well too complicated for me.“Opium haut Opi um, hat Opium auch Omi um” – buff-bää, buff-bää – that’s my only concession to “Fasching”.

  2. Proxima says:

    My bus slogan said:“There’s probably no cod. Stop complaining and eat your sardines.”Ironically, I had a salmon burger yesterday. Ah ha! Take that silly bus slogan generator! 🙂Prx

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