Dark mirror

Feel pretty worn; tired; small.


I spent 16.613 days on earth.
Was it worth it?

Oh babe


15 thoughts on “Dark mirror

  1. … hate them …My first “job” after having got my certificate was to organize a catalogue of a book collection the institute bought. In the end we were four people working our asses off. Graue Literatur – grey literature. It became a part of the official catalogue of the Library here – at least we were told so and followed the RAK-Regeln (Have fun and check them out.) … When finished we stored all the diskettes and made copies and prints. If more money would come in, we would do the other half, we gave out roughly five thousands numbers. The old professor went, the new man took over. Yes. New people. They threw away the computer, the diskettes, the prints, even the program. Nothing survived. Just 5000 books with numbers on it: The barbarians shyed away from destroying the printed thing.I own roughly sixty meters of books. It is the library of a Volkskundler, specialized on Franconian cultural history, you may call it ethnology. And some interesting photo-books, I like photography.It is not worth a penny. maculatur.Nice try Leah, but my library does not comfort me now. It is only a giant rememberence of vanitas – well aimed, but off target, as all here. I simply fell through all categories.

  2. Proxima says:

    I am lost in strange thoughts.How/Why did the true image of angels get erased and/or stuccoed over with this semblance of Grandma’s “Precious moments” figurines or tchotchkes. They are not human, not gentle forms that glow like friendly orbs and wings of light to rescue individual people.Supposing they exist. I think “why not would they be monsters, who do god’s will regardless of whether humans consider these acts “good or evil”. We don’t get to choose these defintions beyond ourselves. If these angels of the old bible do actually exist, they must resent us as they have always resented us. I don’t expect any kindness or favors from them.”Mr. Blue just sighs. Away I go on another postmodern rambling.I have been sick all week, but still going to work. Feel like walking dead.If I were an angel of another form, I would give you a nudge towards warmth and happiness. Alas, I have no such powers but thought itself.Take Care dearPrx

  3. Proxima says:

    Also,I see your image is back, but without the white background. You do not wish to an inversion of my family colors (azure and white)anymore? Why do you think I am proxima “blue”.Have you ever been to Altenburg?Prx

  4. Tom and IcyThese books do nasty things in the dark.AustereYes. Even when he’s not there he’s effective. In German it is “he”, in French for example “la lune” or “la luna” in Italian – and “sol” is masculinum but in Germna “die Sonne”, feminimum. What gender do they have in your language?ProximaYou see angels? Is this a special cough-syrup you are using?Do you mean Altenburg in Saxonia? It is not far away but I have not visited the place. DO your forefathers come from that area?AmandaJa, often. But sometimes … And some of them remind me of the book I have not written.SavannahThe comment-eater … No, not my birthday, that is in September. I just wanted to know how many days I am here. And how many to come …LilyThank you.

  5. Mago, I have been wandering this planet longer than you: 18646 days.Was it worth it for me? Yes, I have to say I have had some wonderful adventures in my life. Along with tremendous loss and heartache, but then, that is what makes us human, no?Time to find something else to do, my friend. You sound very unhappy with your life as it is.

  6. PonitaYes, I know. and I am searching. By the way: Welcome! I think this is your first comment here.ProximaYou mentioned Altenburg earlier, sometimes last year, if I remember correctly. MAybe another family branch comes from that area.

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