This afternoon I received out of the hands of the Landgerichtspräsident a letter from the Bavarian Secretary of Justice. She says that I did valuable service to the judicature of criminal law, thanks, and wishes best for my future.
Around forty of the 150 Schöffen were actually present. After the speech there was the obligatory stand-up reception. I grabbed a dry Brötchen and wandered off. The area is still a construction site and it was cold.


13 thoughts on “Bezahlung

  1. I guess congratulations, maybe. It didn’t sound like you were sure of their sincerity, like it might just be pomp and ceremony or formality. What was the occasion? Was it a ground-breaking beginning the construction of a prison or something like that? I don’t mean to be rude or so ignorant, I just don’t understand much of this.

  2. AmandaOr turn on the heating. It was the first event of that kind in the new Strafjustizzentrum, they have no etat for such a thing. They say next year they will have the new (old) building ready.Tom and IcyNo need to excuse. I was a “Schoeffe” for the last four years. That is a volunteer lay-judge. The idea is that the way judges come to their decisions and justice is “made” or found shall be transparent and so “normal”, unstudied people should take part in that. “Schöffen” are part of the German history of law. Their job however changed always a little. These courts we have now were established after WWII and come directly from the experiences of nazi-“Justice”. To prevent any secret organizations, any shady deal-making and any sentencing based on pre-justice for some crimes there shall be generally more judges and there shall be lays – “aus dem Volk” – who rotate: You never work with the same judge always. As Schoeffe you have the same rights in the actual trail as the professional judge and you are expected to take part there and not just sit around and sleep. It is no jury. And it is always criminal law from a certain severness of the crime onwards, when the state attorney says or decides for example to call that crime not just “Robbery” or “theft”, but “severe theft”, and anything that includes attacks on humans with tools – so not just a punch with a fist, but with an axe – “Don’t know where that axe came from your Honour …” Yeah, it materialized. So my service ended, I received a paper with thanks and a slice of bread.Maybe I am just not in the mood for such a thing.AustereThank you.Work starts again. Yeah …

  3. MJI believe you could not squeeze too much fun out of it these days …RaineI could try it Mickey Spillane style: But “I, the jury” sounds better then “Mago, der Schoeffe”.

  4. I had no idea what this post was about until I read your explanation to Tom & Icy. I can understand that you might be feeling that your volunteer judge service has not helped you make ends meet in a day to day sense but I believe deep down you know that your service does mean more than just earning a paycheck. God bless.

  5. Maybe you could try the idea I am considering for myself. I don’t think of myself as a people-person, what we call a “social butterfly”. If you could find one of these people who is also in need of work, perhaps you can share a common goal of independant employment. You are the brains, the product. They are the marketer, sales person. They do all that “face time” with clients, while you get the quiet time to work. Win-win. Just make sure they can’t talk you into any fuzzy economics where they get the lion share of the financial pie. Otherwise you’ll end up working for peanuts yet again. (I would probably eat the lion if that happened to me.)

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