‘night ev’rybody …

Came home fourth early in the morning and fell into my bed. “The masses” were held secure – an uneventful night, thank God. Awoke in the early afternoon and spend the day doing this and that like cleaning, looking out of the window, walking to the library, drinking a bottle of (very) cheap white, doing online research and reading blogs.
Tomorrow / today some things have to be cared for, phonecalls and stuff – I have to save my (muscular) ass because end of March will be tough, money has to be paied, and I have to find it, now. Besides there is a trip to the Di√∂zesanarchiv for a little research and a visit to a colleague (the dancer), because he sits on a heap of autographs his brother “collected” from a castle some thirty years ago, maybe he can sell the stuff to a trader I know. Then I’d be ready to give an expertise for hard cash. Job-hunting goes on and on, I receive very well crafted letters of refusal, really better than last year, I seemingly sent out professionalized letters of application now.

I would like to put up a youtube, but it does not exist: From King Crimson’s album Earthbound the take “Peoria”: Rough, mean, powerful, lousy sound quality of course – what do you expect from a bootleg made in a VW transporter?
So I give you this, Beans and Cornbread.
Just poke around.


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