Unoriented? Planless?

There are always the Women of Infomaniac !


16 thoughts on “Unoriented? Planless?

  1. Maybe they can go to work and school for me.The crab apple tree in the photo on the Microblog Repository is an ornamental tree. The fruit was never edible. But yes, it does still produce fruit. Tons of those little crab apples end up littering the lawn every fall.

  2. @ Cheesemeister: You mean, you can’t even make crabapple jelly from them? What a waste!@ Mago: Goddess? Thanks, hon, but that implies responsibilities, and I have too many of those already. I will stick with Viking Warrior Woman, k? (hugs)

  3. CheesemeisterI always wanted to see your photos, but for some unknown reasons they did not appear on my screen, not via the hub or ping directly. Maybe there was simply too much traffic at the time.You can collect them apples and make a spirit from them or press them for juice?PonitaVWW? MAybe any woman has something of a goddess within.LeahA flourishing flower corona!MJEh? Exposure? Hmm …Savannah!

  4. Well, okay, I will accept that all women have some goddess within them.As long as mine doesn’t come with additional responsibilities. My calendar is pretty full as it is. And to second MJ…. yes, we need some exposure of YOU!

  5. My innocent pun with worship and warship brought me into strange waters … think this “sailor-talk” comes from my actually reading about the admiral Heinrich von Hohenzollern, the brother of Kaiser Wilhelm.The “afloat boat” was referring to my aformentioned financial situation, which is cleared for the moment: A lot can happen in three months – and has to.

  6. “Ich verstehe und möchte fortfahren.”Be careful on Fraydays, it’s “Filthy Frayday” for a reason! Mostly saggy old perverts. Son’s “Aufklärung” could go twisted ways then …

  7. My < HREF="" REL="nofollow">cuzzin Hildy-Bob<> could probably figure out how to make some sort of spirit or wine from the crabapples. She is a Shine-making genius!

  8. PonitaAHem … *?* well, thanks?CheesemeisterI always thought Hildy-Bob was a male person … these naughty city gals create havoc on the innocent country …

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