Tough Week

Title says it all. Working all nights I come home seven in the morning and collapse at around eight. Thankfully I can sleep now for some hours, until two or three in the afternoon, but daytime is gone almost and there is no time for small assignments, like another genealogical recherche in the Archives or making a phonecall within normal bureau hours. That too shall pass and next Monday I am looking forward another visit in the archives of the diocese. There’s a list of emails to write (I did not forget, Austere!), and web research to do because applications need to be written.
Sadly I can not surf in the night. Technically it is no real problem, but it is a very specific and strict “do not!” for the security people, and one of the top five reasons for getting fired at once. So I stick with music and books. Last night I had the Crowes thundering the Morning Song at 3:30 (they did not manage to “take away my hate”), an hour earlier Mr. Gallagher was riding On the Crest of a Wave (studio version from the 1971 masterpiece Deuce). Tonight I think it’s time to pay a tribute to the very God of Guitar and let Jimi take over, there is an amazing four CD set, in pink. To have an antidote, I will enjoy the company of B.B.King, and Lucille: Cry, baby, cry …


13 thoughts on “Tough Week

  1. If i couldn’t get online at work i wouldn’t have a blog. I hope the week softens as it goes or just plain goes. Does this job give you a weekend? A little recoup time before heading back for more?

  2. MJJa.PortiaNo weekend this time, I’ll have to go around in the nights. But next week is a different thing. Monday I am off and will do archive-work, no night job, then two nights, but Thursday and Frayday are really free. If nothing changes I’ll have go in only two nights each week until the end of the month, and weekend rounds of course. Hope it pays!

  3. Dark by 3? We can export you some sunshine and the heat- now at 38 degrees C. I’m glad you’re getting to sleep. And SOME archive time. “me” time.Yes, I’d go mad if I didn’t have online access.No rush. The applications come first.Tc.

  4. KahlessBefore this article I did not know too, or dates or something. Wikipedia is great.Besides “computer abuse”, it’s watching tv, drinking, stealing and make your colleagues look like lazy idiots.MutleyBecause I work at night: Work + surf = no more work.AmandaChabibiii … 🙂 You know the Istanbul Oriental Orchestra? Maybe you like this.AustereNo, I awake at three in the afternoon. Some of the warm would be very welcome here! Saw the sun when driving home as wounderful orange ball over the horizon, but the lady donned her clouds today. Again.Writing letters, ach …

  5. PonitaSome of these blokes are really developed personalities … if one does such a job for a long time one sooner or later becomes a little strange, fluctuation is high. So an experienced oldtimer can get away with a lot of things, for which I would be fired very fast. And they check who fits in. Oh Lord …

  6. It’s called “Office Politics” (office not required)I know you would like Tom Waits. When are you going to get your sound card fixed. I have him over at my blog. Or you can have some faith in my and go buy a cd of his (are they expensive in Germany?)Try<>Rain Dogs, Mule Variations and Real Gone.<> His older work is not as good, he was trying too hard.Later Prox

  7. Yeah, Jimi was 101st Airborne like my husband! I didn’t know he was a lackluster soldier though–for some reason that suprised me, although I’m not sure why it should…Hope you’re good, mago–

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