I am seriuosly angry about what happened to Savannah.



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  1. I dont understand what happened.But – as an aside – I tell by your anger that you are a loyal person?ps lol! My word verification is bucksom. Does that translate for you?

  2. Old K / Scarlet / Donn / Leah / Lily / Ponita /MJMuscle is good. But it seems to be different from what happened to Old K last year: It’s no troll-infestation but seemingly a well aimed personal attack, planned, timed and effective.It’s mean. It has another quality. It is comparable to what happened to Lily. I saw some of the comments this shithead gave to Lily, the bastard even went to other cities to come through the IP-blocker. He used information from the blog to intensify his work of hurt.KahlessSavannah Marsh Mama is a female blogger from Savannah in the US. I know her as a friendly, caring and honest person. I follow her blog for more then a year. When I was in a bad condition some time ago she was the person to email me and speak words of encouragement and friendliness. She was attacked in a personal, hurtful and absolutely unacceptable way – I trust her words in her last post, for me there is no indication to think of her reacting in an inappropriate way. And her reaction is probably stepping away from blogging!Yes, I am loyal. It’s the personal bond from human to human that counts, even when this contact is formed and developed in Blogland.Besides from this personal position there is something basical to be mentioned I think. Blogging is surely not only about patting someone’s back and asuring each other how great we all are. It’s about saying, showing and communicating in an advanced, personal and civilized way. IF there are rules, I’d guess the first to be: If you do not like what you read – go away, or start a conversation, a discussion maybe.When something of a loose community forms and the conversation(s) become more personal, the same rule should be applied as in real life: Treat a human being as a human being, what means with RESPECT, acceptance and dignity: This does NOT imply that you can not tell, advance or confirm your own opinion.What we have here is all the opposite of what I was talking about. A calculated foul lousiness. Pereat – zerspring’ du schmock!

  3. I had to pull down my art blog “Steel Corset” dedicated to a friend who encouraged me to be more of a “free spirit”. It was peppered daily with three different user names saying all sorts of cruel things. Strangely and happily, they did not link over to echotree and so I am still here, albeit, warily.I like Savannah very much. I will go over and tell her so.Prx

  4. correction: a dead friend who enouraged me to be more of a “free spirit”. I secretly envied her for this abilty and was willing to try in her memory.Prx

  5. AustereI thank you.Proxima I did not know about this! It may sound shallow, but please do not allow it to hurt you. It’s too late, I know. Proxima, do what Lily did, use that IP-thing, it will help, do NOT give up dear.AmandaGives “joy” another aspect, doesn’t it?PortiaI thank you, have to read through your papers … it’s not unknown to me, you know …SavannahI’m moved … it’s just blog. Words. And all they can transport.Gruß’ daheim …

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