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3 thoughts on “Now

  1. You’re not just a passenger in life, right? You are <>riding<> the waves, trying to steer things the way you want them?Cool video and song. I’ve not seen or heard that one before.I worked in a cinema in 1974 when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid came out. I knew every line by heart. I loved that movie….

  2. DonnI always remember these chickens from the start of the film. Took me some time to understand Peckinpah, but over the years I think I grabbed something from that man: I guess it’s loneliness.PonitaI honestly do not know. Sometimes I am just driftwood. Riding the waves, giving developments or actions a direction, it all comes down to the very old philosophical insight that one has to know and direct oneself first – before other people’s actions, anything that is outside the individual, can be driven, directed. They are always influenced, even by sheer presence, but not necessarily directed. And there is what we all encounter as blind fate. Sorry, I am tired and blubber.Know only the synchronized version, but I know to take care from White Stetsons …

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